Finalists Announced for 2016 LGBT Biz Pitch Competition

| By Andy DiAntonio

Eastside Women’s Health Center

Kristina Chamberlain, CNM, ARNP, IBCLC and Jennifer Jimenez, CNM
Eastside Women's Health Center offers gynecology, lactation, family building, acupuncture and massage therapy services to the community with specific focus on the LGBTQ and single parent by choice communities. We blend Eastern and Western medicine to optimize and improve health. Learn more at

Loud Hailer

Jack Chen
Loud-Hailer is reimagining what digital communications can be. Loud-Hailer creates mesh networks using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to provide augmented connectivity, keeping people connected even in places and situations where they have no signal, thereby bridging the gaps in today’s communication systems. Their solution consists of three components: mobile apps (such as 2GO), Chatter-Boxes (which serve in part as repeaters) and a backend Content Management Solution to handle preferences and authorizations. Learn more at

Karasel Technologies

Guy de Lacrose
Korral is a mobile application travel tool that allows users to discover which ride service providers are available so that they may choose which ride company is most suitable to them as far as fare amount and length of time for pick up as well as if surge pricing is applicable. These providers include Lyft, Uber, iCars, Flywheel, Wingz and YoTaxi. Learn more at 


Jusak Yang Bernhard and Jeff Manley
TailsSpin ("That's with two s'es, y'all") truly is a pet store with a heart.  Our community work defines us and has always been our focus, as we create bridges between pet rescue agencies, pet communities, pets, schools and many other non-profit organizations. Their signature events such as Low-Cost Pet Vaccine Clinics, Savannah PAWrade, Savannah Pet Care Directory, and Savannah Pet Care & Adoption Fair, Disc Dogathon, and Woof Woof Run/Walk Over Pet Cancer, are raising awareness and hundreds of thousands of dollars for many local and national non-profit organizations. Learn more at