Honoring nglccNY Members: Celebrations at the September M3

| By Kaela Roeder

On September 25th, nglccNY took to the Hudson River once again with our friends from Spirit Cruises for our September “Member Monthly Mixer” (M3) celebration and awards. Several stellar Certified LGBTBE® companies, nglccNY chamber members, and corporate partners were honored for their hard work and excellence this year.

At the M3, Cathy Renna received the Outstanding Certified LGBTBE® Award at the event. Renna is an active member of the nglccNY chamber and owner of Target Cue, LLC, an LGBT focused PR firm. She is also a longtime activist and leader in the LGBT community. 

"It means so much to be recognized by my peers and my community, this work is very personal to me as part of the LGBTQ community, a parent and someone who believes strongly that the media is such a powerful influence in helping us feel seen, educating the public about our lives and changing attitudes and misperceptions about the queer community," Renna said. 

Cathy Renna and nglccNY team

Renna explained how nglccNY has helped her grow her business, and help her meet other amazing activists. "Having professional peers and the opportunity to network and learn  - and support - each other is extremely powerful and impactful. I began my career as a street activist - and still get out on the street when needed- but becoming a professional and now owning my own successful business would not have been possible without the help of so many colleagues and connections," she said. 

Robin Dillard was awarded the Outstanding nglccNY Member Award. She is the founder of the Business Equality Network, LLC, a publisher of the BEQ Pride magazine. She is a longtime member of the nglccNY chamber, a membership Ambassador, and our photographer for the night!

Robin Dillard and nglccNY team

Mary Blanchett was awarded the Outstanding Ambassador award at the M3. Blanchett is a licensed agent through New York Life Insurance Company, and several other independent insurance companies and goes above and beyond to connect our members to new opportunities, to one another, and to the broader NGLCC / nglccNY mission.

"I am so grateful my efforts are a positive force.  I have a talent for remembering people's professions and focus on introducing folks who may collaborate or fulfill an expressed business need.  I try to make professional networking fun and fruitful. All the wonderful members make that easy," she said.

Mary Blanchett and nglccNY team

Steven Garibell was awarded for his work with TD Bank and nglccNY as Outstanding Corporate Partner Award.

Steven Garibell and nglccNY team

When we asked Garibell what his favorite part of being a corporate partner was to nglccNY, he talked about the certification process, and making connections with Certified LGBTBE® companies.

“My favorite part of being a corporate partner is being able to connect our customers, colleagues and members of the LGBT community together.  By bringing all of  these individuals together we are helping increase the number of resources for our Certified LGBTBEs®,” he said.

We are so proud of the accomplishments our nglccNY members have done this past year. Without our hard-working members, LGBTBE® companies and corporate partners, nglccNY would not be the amazing chamber that it is!

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