Supplier in the Spotlight: Aviva Spectrum

| By Andy DiAntonio

Aviva Spectrum is a top management consulting firm located on the West Coast. Sonia Luna, Founder and CEO of Aviva Spectrum, was first introduced to the NGLCC over six years ago when she attended a meeting at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Since she acquired her LGBTBE certification, Sonia received a contract with one of the most reputable CPA consulting firms in the world.

“It helped us grow that year by 20% and allowed us to make more investments in our marketing and sales strategies,” she notes.

Aviva Spectrum has a quarterly campaign of touch points in which they offer free webinars to highlight their skill sets. For Sonia, this was a key strategy in building relationships and showing off her business’ skills and abilities in order to gain more business. Sonia also makes regular calls to remind folks of Aviva Spectrum’s core services and skill sets. Thankfully, Sonia’s communication efforts didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, they resulted in a contract with KPMG, who used Aviva Spectrum’s compliance staff to assist with a banking client.

When asked what LGBTBE certification means to her, Sonia replied, “It means I can stand proudly and bid on contracts without feeling ‘less than’ my competition.”

If you’re a newly certified LGBTBE, Sonia has some advice for you as you take your first steps. “Make sure you have a marketing business plan on what your ideal sales opportunity would look like if you received a contract. Write down the action items to identify your ideal customer and then what type of action items you’ll need to implement that is different and also the same as what you’ve been doing to attract new business.”

Because of the opportunity they received, Sonia and her team were able to invest more in their sales and marketing efforts. This included bringing a part-time marketing associate onto the team, who is still working for Aviva Spectrum today. Sonia can say with pride that she is a certified LGBTBE, and has had immense success because of her proactive communication and relationship building.