Supplier in the Spotlight: Zippy Dogs

| By Jonathan Lovitz

Elise Lindborg and Kelli Henderson started ZippyDogs in June of 2000 with the mission to create cost-effective promotional products and creative branding material for businesses. With a drive for marketing, along with an experienced team of passionate leaders to back it up, ZippyDogs has been creating thoughtful branding for almost two decades.

ZippyDogs has made it a priority to attend the NGLCC International Business and Leadership Conference every year since becoming certified in 2010. Through NGLCC and the connections made at the Conference, ZippyDogs has worked with corporations such as Bristol Meyers Squibb, Starbucks, Chevron, and Google.  ZippyDogs has used their creative prowess to strategically market to a select group of corporations each year, predicting who in the Fortune 500 needs their expertise most. ZippyDogs sends rubber dogs to these suppliers every 2-3 months with a note about projects they have been working on, suppliers who have utilized their products, and new tools and ideas they have. This creative, strategic communication gets ZippyDogs in the front of a corporation’s mind when it comes to branding material, and this initiative has obviously paid off.

In great part due to their Certified LGBTBE® status and related connections through NGLCC, ZippyDogs has been awarded opportunities and scholarships to attend programs such as the Digital Excellence Program at Google and the Tusk School of Business Education, and to serve as a supplier voice on the NGLCC Procurement Council.  Additionally, ZippyDogs was recognized as NGLCC's 2013 Supplier of the Year! 

ZippyDogs has also made commitments to support fair and humane working conditions; more than 90 percent of the corporations they work with are certified by the Quality Certification Alliance and the Fair Labor Association.

By taking advantage of every opportunity in front of them, ZippyDogs continues to grow and make strides with their off-the-leash marketing ideas and creative marketing materials.  #WOOF