4 MORE Reasons to Go to the 2019 International Business and Leadership Conference.

| By Allyson Parco

Registrations to the 2019 NGLCC International Business and Leadership Conference are nearly sold out--- but there’s still time for YOU to get in on all the game-changing action for your business! Here are four (out of many)  reasons why this year’s Conference cannot be missed.

1. Increase Your Network of Personal & Professional Contacts

NGLCC offers several matchmaking sessions to meet with corporations and your fellow suppliers to help you make meaningful connections in the business world. Having endless peers to connect with is a great reason to attend this year’s conference. Where else will hundreds of LGBT business owners be in the same place?  Nowhere by #NGLCC19!

“Take advantage of everything you can, from pre-conference day to networking throughout the conference,” said CEO and Co-Founder Justin Nelson. Justin shares more of his thoughts on inclusion, Pride, and the importance of business allyship here!

Building your professional network means expanding opportunities for success. Everyone knows someone looking for the goods and services YOU offer. Register now, attend conference, and develop your career alongside skilled LGBT business owners and affiliates who are paving the way for LGBT economic empowerment.

2. Learn New Skills to set you Apart in the Marketplace

There are more than 40 sessions, workshops, and programs offered at the conference that you cannot find anywhere else.

NGLCC received an unprecedented number of applications to present at #NGLCC19-- and we chose some of the world’s top thought leaders to help you navigate the hottest trends in business and community engagement. Learn how to market towards LGBT youth and millenials and increase brand visibility with that demographic in the “Next Gen Storytelling” program; how to compete in the market with the program “Twinning Your Competition: How to Get and Keep Your Customers Through Differentiation,”; and even how to explore the world as your authentic self through our  “Traveling While Trans: Authentic Self in Travel” program hosted by American Airlines. Want to learn more? Take a look at the growing conference agenda here!

Breakout sessions are meant to promote, challenge, and define new routes for diversity and inclusion in business. Attend multiple sessions to learn new skills beneficial to you and your colleagues. These are programs catered specifically to the LGBT businessperson and the allies who want them to succeed!

3. Stay Ahead of Your Competition

You will be in contact with fellow suppliers and corporations that are not just looking for the goods and services you have, but also ways to collaborate and build capacity by teaming up with your fellow entrepreneurs.

You’ll be able to hear from keynote speakers and participate in Marketplace Expo, one-on-one Matchmaker meetings between suppliers and Fortune 500 companies, and much more. Analyze your competition and prepare future plans to be the absolute best.

4. Take Advantage of LGBT-Friendly Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, Florida is an incredibly LGBT friendly place and holds a perfect score on the HRCMEI. According to CNBC, the LGBT population is estimated to be over 6%. Additionally, with the election of its first openly lesbian mayor, Jane Castor, Tampa is a great place for LGBT people to thrive.

The beautiful Tampa Convention Center will be filled with networking and engagement opportunities for more than 1,400 LGBT and allied business leaders. Our Chief of Staff, Sabrina Kent, pointed out that, “It sends a strong message to Florida residents that Florida is ready and able to do business with LGBT suppliers in the United States and across the globe.”

We can't wait to see you at the 2019 NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference! Register NOW!