CorporateFilming: Drives Sales Through Story

| By Kaela Roeder

Trevor Rappleye: Founder and CEO of CorporateFilming

At the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), we have an immense passion for business, but we may have found our ally and rival in Trevor Rappleye! At 13 years old, Rappleye launched his business, DVDs to Remember, where he filmed family weddings and turned VHS tapes into DVDs. Years later, Rappleye renamed his business to EventFilming.

Now, Rappleye is the proud CEO of CorporateFilming, which creates video content for businesses to build a prominent online presence.

CorporateFilming is not simply a videography company. Based in Los Angeles, Rappleye and his team handle every aspect of the video production process from storyboard mapping to final edits. With a focus on authenticity, Rappleye and his team are passionate about driving business growth through storytelling.

CorporateFilming now offers a program in which they create and publish a new film monthly to boost the online presence of participating companies. Rappleye and his team travel around the country to provide film for businesses, boasting companies like  Google and Home Depot as clientele.

Rappleye has only been a Certified LGBTBE® for three months, but since that time, has developed multiple valuable connections with several business owners at the recent NGLCC International Businesses & Leadership Conference in Tampa, Florida.

Speaking of his experience at NGLCC’s Conference, Rappleye noted, “I go to about 20 conferences. I got the warmest leads, and the best relationship building at the past [NGLCC] conference. I got 20 scheduled meetings from it.”

Rappleye shared that #NGLCC19 was the most genuine conference he as ever attended in that everyone is their “true, authentic selves.” Since the conference, Rappleye has witnessed an immense amount of growth for his business.

Rappleye’s biggest achievement as a business owner is that he is completely self-taught. “I read a book every week about sales and marketing from 2014-2016. I got Cs in school, and I thought that approach would never work for me, but the passion for the business overcame that.”

“Nothing beats work ethic,” said Rappleye when asked what he recommends to new LGBT business owners. “We scaled up so fast because I put in the hours. At the beginning, there is no such thing as a nine-to-five schedule. The amount of hours you put in is seen in your results.”

Rappleye encourages business owners to follow their dreams, be their true and authentic selves, and take risks to reach business goals.

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