FabStayz: An LGBT-focused Travel Company

| By Kaela Roeder

FabStayz Brand Ambassador in Portland, Oregon

FabStayz is changing the way we vacation, one stay at a time. The platform recognizes LGBT+ Ally hosts from short-term rental companies such as Airbnb and HomeAway, and compiles these listings on an easy-to-navigate website.

Robert Geller, the founder of FabStayz, created this company to ensure inclusion and safety for LGBT individuals while traveling. 

“Foremost we want FabStayz to be THE LGBTQ travel platform for travelers worldwide. We want to provide good paying jobs with a fun working atmosphere to our LGBTQ+Ally staff and to give back to LGBTQ community in a meaningful way,” he said.  “No more wondering if your host is accepting of the LGBTQ community and no coming out to a stranger wondering how you'll be received.”

While FabStayz was founded in 2019 and has only been a certified business since September of 2019,  Geller is already seeing the benefits of being certified with the NGLCC.

“Certification opens doors!” he said. “LGBTQ is not a check box for us, it's how we do business. Our team in-house along with free-lancers and those consulting represent every letter of the acronym LGBTQ.”

In addition to identifying LGBT Ally hosts, the company also compiles lists of LGBT-friendly activities to do in the area. FabStayz also identifies NGLCC-certified businesses and locations of NGLCC Affiliate Chambers in order for people to support Certified LGBT Business Enterprises® while travelling.

Before he founded FabStayz, Geller owned and operated a business that hosted social activities for LGBT individuals in his area, such as cooking classes, glass blowing, stand up paddling lessons, and many other exciting events.

“I wanted a social alternative to the bars to interact with the community,” he said.

FabStayz website, featuring the locations of NGLCC Affiliate Chambers

Geller has also taken part in larger discussions on diversity and inclusion on an international scale.

“With our start-up so new, I was thrilled to be invited to speak on the topic of diversity and inclusion in London at the first two day HOST 2019 conference. I gave a 20 minute talk on LGBTQ travel, FabStayz and fostering welcome safe spaces. Additionally, I was part of a panel discussion on diversity and inclusion,” he said.

The conference had attendees from prominent companies in the short-term rental space, such as AirBnB. 

When asked about what advice he would give to a fellow LGBT-owned businesses, Geller stressed the importance of being active within the LGBT business community.

“I recommend every LGBT business owner to immediately become active with their chamber. And, reach out to other chambers and attend the annual NGLCC Conference,” he said.  “I'm grateful for the NGLCC community. I love the networking opportunities learning about others and sharing what my team at FabStayz in creating. I especially love the saying 'rising tides raise all ships' and I apply this to those I meet in the LGBT business community, how can we help each other?”

As Geller and FabStayz look forward, the company has several goals they wish to achieve. In the immediate future, the company hopes to update their online platform and install enhanced features elevating the end-user experience.

FabStayz Brand Ambassador in Portland, Oregon

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