Fuzzy Logic: Strengthening Teams One Puzzle at a Time

| By Sarah Jester

Certified LGBTBE® companies can be found doing incredible work in every field imaginable - from distilleries to digital firms to fine dining. But what about suppliers that create their own, unique niche? Fuzzy Logic Escape Room has accomplished just that!

“Fuzzy Logic is a provider of teambuilding exercises through the fun of escape rooms – 60-minute story-driven adventures where players work together to complete a puzzle-based quest before time runs out!” explained co-founder Jayson Mamaclay. “We pride ourselves in creating accessible games that break through trance of digital screens and forge human connections across boundaries.”

Founded in 2017 by Mamaclay & Andrew Sandage, and certified in 2019, Fuzzy Logic’s main escape room is located in Downers Grove, Illinois. For clients that don’t reside in Illinois, they provide adaptable, portable games to teams across the nation. Mamaclay cited the importance of highlighting positivity and enjoyment in the games that they help clients navigate through.

“Our focus is on teamwork, communication, and building on the successes to propel a team forward with positive momentum,” he explained.

Like many businesses, Fuzzy Logic has had to pivot to cater to clients virtually in the age of COVID-19. They have successfully added an online escape room experience to their offerings, which allows players in different locations to collaborate to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as a distanced team. During this time, Fuzzy Logic has leveraged NGLCC resources to help build virtual business connections

“As a Certified LGBTBE®, our team has seen the NGLCC as a fantastic resource of information and connections, especially during the prolonged response to COVID-19,” Mamaclay said. “By gaining our certification, we also have begun forging connections with companies who have embraced a holistic view to supplier diversity and including LGBTBE businesses as an area of priority, connecting through supplier portals and attending webinars and speaking up.”

Mamaclay’s team, besides being skillful game players, bring a variety of important skills to the table that help to make the experience all the more beneficial to clients.

“Our team has a background in avidly playing these games… and we use our expertise in being in the player's seat to develop experiences that focus on making it fun and enjoyable,” Mamaclay said. “We also bring to the table a strong mix of skillsets that positioned us well to handle a variety of elements of entrepreneurship beyond just the creative side of making these games - with an understanding of back-office business, strong social media aptitude, technical engineering skills, and artistic ability in design and composition - and these skills have enabled us to rely less on third party providers to keep our personal touch high in everything we deliver for our customers and for ourselves.”

When asked what company achievement he was most proud of, Mamaclay discussed Fuzzy Logic’s rapid upward financial trajectory following a change in company leadership two years ago.

“The achievement of comparing 2018 year end financials to 2019 year end financials showed how much our shift in direction, focus, and work ethic paid off, growing top line revenue over 100% year on year, and finally unlocking our ability to feel comfortable paying ourselves from month on month profit for the first time since the company's founding,” he explained.

With this growth came a new set of impressive goals for Fuzzy Logic’s future. Mamaclay aspires to become a recurring provider for client events, as well as to increase custom offerings to potential clients.

“Being able to be a recurring provider for things like holiday parties, new hire orientations, management development trainings, executive retreats, and more, our offerings have a great fun spin for HR-driven events,” he said. “Additionally, being able to create custom games that can be used to convey key training topics through a fun medium can help us appeal to stakeholders in Learning & Development, and Ethics & Compliance.”

Mamaclay and the Fuzzy Logic team had wise words to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as to LGBTBEs who are struggling during this time:

“Seek out local and national resources to help develop a business plan that examines your idea and fleshes out what the business opportunity is as well as how much work (and capital) needs to go into it,” they said. “We've found that during the local chamber meetings and national webinars that this community is a very welcoming and collaborative community - we are so thankful to be a part of this!”

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For additional ways to help you, your business, and the LGBT community during this time, visit the NGLCC COVID-19 Resource Hub for the LGBT Business Community.