The Lady on the Harley: Michele Wierzgac

| By Kaela Roeder

Here at NGLCC, our Certified LGBTBE® suppliers never fail to inspire us. Our unique network of over a thousand business owners all have significant stories to tell about their lives and their business. Michele Wierzgac, a business consultant, speaker, author, and motorcycle enthusiast, certainly did not disappoint.

Wierzgac works to provide leadership solutions in the business sector through speeches and workshops. She guides people through the ways that they can succeed in the business world in topics such as “Engaging The Power Of Your Informal Networks” and “Utilizing Your Brand Champions.” In total, she has nearly twenty topics that she presents.

What sets her apart from an average business consultant is her grand entrance to her speeches and workshops on her beloved Harley motorcycle. Her tagline, “Leadership Solutions from the Lady on the Harley,” encapsulates her services while setting her apart from the competition. “Branding is key,” she said.

(Michele Wierzgac, “Leadership Solutions from the Lady on the Harley”)

Her own business is a tangible example of what she educates companies on everyday:  how networking, branding, and most importantly, earning credibility, lead to a successful and thriving business.

“All of these issues, like communicating with stakeholders, your boss, and building a brand, all come down to credibility,” said Wierzgac. “You need to reciprocate favors, build a network, and put yourself out there.”

Her company has been a Certified LGBTBE® with NGLCC since 2017, and has already experienced the strength in unity at NGLCC. Having attended the 2018 NGLCC International Business and Leadership Conference, she is greatly looking forward to attending again this year.

“At my first conference, I felt welcomed, accepted, and made several valuable connections,” she said. “NGLCC helped me gain even more of a business voice.”

Our Reaching for Success program, formally known as “Boot Camp,” was one of Wierzgac’s highlights of last year. “It is great for first-timers!” she said.

She is excited to learn even more about the business world and gain more connections to fellow LGBT business owners and allies at this year’s International Business and Leadership Conference.

(Michele Wierzgac leading a workshop)

Wierzgac told us that she is excited for the coming years at NGLCC, in what she will learn and the amazing people she will meet.

“There is power in certifications,” she said. Certifications such as the Certified LGBTBE® provide networks, skill development, and mentorships to make your business grow and thrive.

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