Point Solutions Group: Delivering Tomorrow’s Tech Solutions

| By Sarah Jester

As we delve further into the digital age, more and more of us are increasingly in need of digital problem-solvers. Located in Denver, Colorado, Certified LGBTBE® Point Solutions Group has your back! Founded and certified in 2017 by Paige Goss, PSG works with each of their clients to implement high quality tech advancement solutions.

“We transform what it means to have a comprehensive and diverse strategy by helping our customers streamline spending, allocate limited resources, and navigate the vast field of available technologies,” said Goss. “We serve both commercial enterprises and the federal government in technology and engineering professional services.”

Goss decided to join the NGLCC to amplify awareness of the LGBTQ+ business community, and to continue to push for overall equality in business.

“We also joined to continue to support the initiative of recognizing LGBTQ as a protected category for the SBA and across the government,” she said. “Certification as an LGBTBE business was an important step for PSG and our continued effort to change the conversation around what is possible in our industry and to continue to provide education and awareness to the industry we serve.”

Goss has built an impressive foundation in tech services. Before founding PSG, she served as the VP of operations for a technology services firm in North Carolina, which grew significantly under her leadership.

“I helped them grow from 1 million when I joined to 160 million when I left to start PSG,” she explained.


Over the last three years, PSG has witnessed immense growth from their humble start in a small office with a single laptop, shooting up by 411%. Goss attributes this success, and PSG’s unique approach, to her dedicated team.

“The core difference for PSG is our people,” she explained. “We believe that success is recognized when you combine amazing human capital with kick ass technology. We are also showing that professional services can be different in approach and execution which has put us on the map for acquisitions and continued growth.”

PSG is currently in the process of their first acquisition, which is a huge step for the business’s future. As for their future goals, Goss is focused on an increased “impact metric” rather than the numbers themselves.

“If we can support the growth of other community members and business owners I will look at PSG as a raging success!” she said. “I have always focused on the impact we can make in showing LGBTQ as well as women owned businesses that they are far more capable than they think.”

As an experienced entrepreneur, Goss offered stellar advice to LGBT individuals looking to follow in her path.

“Trust in yourself... you at the end of the day can push you well beyond what you think is possible,” she said. “If you focus on what is possible vs what is in the way you will achieve things that were well beyond your wildest dreams.”

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