ProxiPalooza at the NGLCC

| By Kaela Roeder

During the week of December 2, 2019, Proximo came to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) office to host “ProxiPalooza,” a week of team-building, brand creation, and growth as LGBT business leaders.

During the week, the Proximo team conducted a variety of activities meant to inspire and cultivate innovation. David Ricciardi, founder and CEO of Proximo, told NGLCC how proud he was of the growth of his business, employees, and co-workers achieved during the event. 

“We were so fortunate to have been hosted by the NGLCC.  They offered their space for us to use as our own, and we took full advantage of that, using it for full staff meetings, breakout sessions, and even professional photography,” said Riccciardi.

Ricciardi also employed several other Certified LGBTBE® suppliers to help make this event possible. Mitch Lippman, founder of the Mitch Lippman Group, led a team-building exercise for the Proximo team. The Mitch Lippman Group focuses on business performance consulting, and provides a diverse array of services that help businesses meet their goals.

“It’s just one of the many benefits of being a Certified LGBTBE®: having a great organization behind you that has a never ending mission to support its certified businesses,” said Ricciardi.

Topher Scott, CEO of Tycoon Studios, also came to the space to provide headshots for the Proximo team.

Scott has been working with the NGLCC since 2011, and began his involvement with the nglccNY chamber. He photographed events and took headshots for them, similar to this past week at Proxipalooza!

Scott has been a Certified LGBTBE® since 2015, and has witnessed an influx of business opportunities since.

“The NGLCC is an incredibly empowering organization,” Scott said. “I have met some of the kindest people I have ever worked with. I have had the opportunity to get involved with diverse suppliers to showcase their likeness and their relatability.”

Overall, this event was a week of growth, brand development, and team-building for the Proximo team.

“Not only did NGLCC’s gracious offer to host #proxipalooza benefit us, but it also allowed us to showcase and collaborate with other [Certified LGBTBE® suppliers] and diverse businesses,” said Ricciardi. “NGLCC did more than only help Proximo, but created opportunities for other diverse businesses to excel, thrive, and do the work they do.”

Thank you to David Ricciardi and the Proximo team for making last week a special one!

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