Rex Wilde Consulting: Paving the Way for Transgender Inclusivity

| By Sarah Jester

When there is a specific need in workplaces across America, there is always a Certified LGBTBE® ready to step in and fill that need. Strategic consulting firm Rex Wilde Consulting is no exception, having aided many businesses in creating transgender-inclusive environments for their employees.

“Our mission is to empower workplaces with the education needed to create truly gender-inclusive workplace cultures by providing direct guidance and high-quality education on gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace through training workshops and direct consulting,” explained founder Rex Wilde.

Wilde joined the NGLCC via the NGLCC Trans Inclusion Task Force to increase their engagement with the LGBTQ+ business community, as well as to find additional ways to give back to it.

“I think so often we hear stories, especially of trans folks, that are about lack and limitation, and I wanted to contribute to the narrative of trans/non-binary success and empowerment,” they said.

Wilde’s empowering business story begins long before they connected with NGLCC. After having discovered their passion for LGBTQ+ and intersectional inclusion work at Chapman University, they went on to become involved with LGBTQ+ inclusion work for the Human Rights Campaign.

“This soon led to me coming to and understanding of myself as a non-binary transgender person, as I came out in 2013,” said Wilde. “While working for a medical company as an administrative consultant and event speaker, I came out to my workplace in 2014 where I helped them establish their first transgender-inclusive policy and practices.”

Wilde has contributed significantly to many other inclusion projects and nonprofits, including My LGBTQ School, nonprofit startup Trans Can Work, and the Transcend Career Fair, which is the largest transgender career fair in the world. Each of these experiences have defined Wilde’s unique, transformative approach to consulting at their LA-based firm.

“As a transgender person who has experienced coming out in the workplace and has done extensive work with hundreds of transgender and gender diverse job seekers while also having worked with hundreds of businesses, I've been able to find ways of bridging understanding between the two,” said Wilde. 

Rex Wilde Consulting also maintains a focus on the future, rather than the past. As Wilde says, gender inclusion efforts have changed drastically over the last several years and will continue to progress forward in the workplace as a new workforce prepares to enter it.

“I love thinking about and developing strategies for the future of work using research and insights to guide workplaces in gender inclusion efforts into the future,” they said. “While using this as a guiding light, I think it's critically important to meet companies and individuals where they are at in their current level of understanding in order to educate in a way that is digestible and effective.”

Through this approach and focus, Wilde has helped multiple businesses implement beneficial policies, including the institution of transition and pronoun guidelines and the installation of all-gender multi-stall restrooms. Going forward, they have set numerous goals for their growing business.

“My goals are to work with as many companies as possible to not only provide education and guidance but to help cultivate cultures of inclusion,” explained Wilde. “I envision impacting the corporate world in such a way that transgender inclusion is an integrated part of business operations.  I cannot wait to be able to hire additional consultants to train them to work with businesses around the globe in further advancing greater gender inclusion.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Wilde recommends following one’s intuition and taking advantage of all available resources.

“Starting a business is absolutely possible,” they said. “It will take time, strategy, commitment, and vulnerability. It can be overwhelming to consider all it's going to take to get your business going, so wherever you're at, identify your first step, and take it.”

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