Skidmore Consulting LLC: Providing Innovative Services

| By Sarah Jester

Why certify your LGBT-owned business? For Dr. Sarah Skidmore of Skidmore Consulting LLC, the answer was simple.

“[I] certified the innovation + leadership + marketing firm to participate in diversity programs, partake in educational opportunities, and grow business relationships,” she explained, having recently become a Certified LGBTBE® owner through NGLCC this spring. “Furthermore, during this pandemic where physical networking is not safe or possible, the NGLCC has provided a powerful series of webinars, talks, and panels that allow for discussion and connection.”

Although NGLCC’s certified businesses operate in nearly every field imaginable, consulting firms make up a popular segment. Dr. Skidmore is leading the pack with her Orlando, Florida-based firm that specializes in providing innovation, leadership, and marketing services to clients all around the world.

“The firm partners with leaders, teams, and organizations who are ready for more regardless of organizational type, industry, or geography,” said Dr. Skidmore. “Skidmore Consulting makes leadership contextually relevant so that people maximize their potential, bolster their impact, and cultivate a positive human experience.”

Prior to founding Skidmore Consulting, Dr. Skidmore led a variety of global marketing initiatives in the B2B sector for manufacturing firms. She continues to work as a consultant, freelancer, and keynote speaker both inside and outside of her firm. Holding a Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Master of Arts in Public Policy and Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & International Business, she brings a specialized focus to the work she does every day.

When asked what was unique about her business, Dr. Skidmore cited the specific approach that her firm takes towards developing their clients.

“Skidmore Consulting helps leaders, teams, and organizations who are ready for more,” she said. “Do you ever want more? Maybe you want more in your personal life. Maybe you want more in your professional life. Or, maybe you want more from your team or organization.”

According to Dr. Skidmore, Skidmore Consulting helps their clients to achieve these ambitions by working with them to maximize their potential, bolster their impact, and cultivate a positive human experience.

“When partnering with Skidmore Consulting, leaders leverage their strengths, shift their paradigms, and unlock their creativity in strategic ways,” she added. “So, how does that ‘value proposition’ sound? Could you or your team benefit from more – more potential, impact, or positivity? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to partner with Skidmore Consulting.”

We asked Dr. Skidmore what she was most proud of about her business. She discussed the inclusive values at the heart of her firm, which scales services to meet the needs of their clients, including many SMEs and nonprofits that otherwise could not pay for these types of services. This inclusivity is also visible in the firm’s support of the LGBT+ and Black communities.

The path to becoming a successful LGBT business owner is not always easy.

“Know your strengths and then find a way to use those strengths to bring good into this world,” said Dr. Skidmore when asked what advice she would offer to aspiring LGBT entrepreneurs.

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