Sleeves Up Productions: The Power of Telling LGBTQ+ Stories

| By Sarah Jester

Video is one of the most dynamic and effective methods used to engage individuals all over the globe. As technology becomes more and more improved and refined, the skills involved in mastering video production become all the more important. Certified LGBTBE® Sleeves Up Productions (SUP) is a growing voice in this field, defining itself with quality work and with a commitment to telling LGBTQ+ stories through video.

“Sleeves Up Productions is a video production company that makes all sorts of video content,” explained Erika Kramer, SUP’s founder. “We produce broadcast and digital ads, product explainer videos, company missions and about videos, event recaps, profile videos and testimonials and much, much more.”

Prior to founding SUP, Kramer worked as an editor and producer for reality TV in Los Angeles. She then went on to lead a production team for a New York City startup, which ended up creating over 500 digital videos over the course of one year. After founding SUP in 2013, Kramer obtained her NGLCC certification in 2015.

“I joined the NGLCC to connect with the broader LGBTQ+ community in NYC,” she said. “I think meeting queer folks in NYC is always a good idea.”

Kramer shared her key to success with NGLCC for future LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.

“The best advice I can give is to not only have your larger goal, but to break that down into lots of actionable, achievable little goals,” she said. “Creating a business and running it yourself is super hard. If you can take little wins along that way, wins that get you to your greater mission, then you're going to feel a lot better about the process and more secure on the crazy ride.”

As many small business owners know, flexibility and creativity are required to stand out amongst the rest of the competition. SUP’s edge not only comes in the form of Kramer’s extensive video production experience, but in her focus on LGBTQ+ companies.

“It’s within SUP’s mission to work to enhance visibility and status of our community,” Kramer explained.

This mission extends beyond the companies that Kramer works with. SUP has also produced a variety of content focused on the LGBTQ+ perspective.

“In 2018, I wrote, directed and produced an award winning short film called She's Marrying Steve,” she said. “The film put a lesbian character at the center of the story. I wanted to create space to explore her world in its entirety and I'm proud to say the film did just that.”

Kramer has set a series of goals for SUP for the next several years.

“I hope to expand SUP, to continue to make great videos for my clients and to work with more and more LGBTQ+-centered businesses,” she explained. “I want to promote visibility of my community in any way possible and using my skills as a filmmaker and video content creator is the best way I know how.”

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