Supplier in the Spotlight: Syler Pregnancy & Family Planning

| By James Gleason

LGBT people across the world struggle with a variety of issues when they look to start a family and having an LGBT-friendly pregnancy and family planning services can make all the difference. Allison Coleman, the founder of Syler Pregnancy & Family Planning, shares how she approaches LGBT-inclusive family planning, the issues the LGBT community is currently facing in family planning, and some of her business's recent successes.

Syler Pregnancy & Family Planning in the Spotlight:

  • Name of business: Syler Pregnancy & Family Planning
  • Name of CEO/Founder: Allison Coleman

  • Date founded: July 2018

  • Date certified: February 2019
  • Location of business: Milpitas, California
  • Number of employees: 1 

1. What is Syler Pregnancy & Family Planning

We provide wellness services to people who are trying to conceive (TTC) and currently pregnant. We specialize in serving people going through fertility treatments and the LGBTQ community.  We provide virtual and in-person services to serve people throughout the county. I have a Master’s Degree in social work and over 10 years of professional experience providing wellness services such as mindfulness. I am also a Certified Health Coach specializing in pregnancy and breastfeeding and a trained Birth Doula from DONA International.

Some of our in-person services include: in-home aromatherapy mindfulness sessions; in-person family planning sessions; partner support visits/sessions, in which we take the partner to coffee to discuss their thoughts and feelings and provide support in their journey; a personalized nutrition and fitness plan; unlimited phone and text support; and customized referrals and resources.

Our virtual services include: virtual family planning sessions; support and partner support video and phone calls; a personalized nutrition and fitness plan; unlimited phone and text support; and customized referrals and resources.

2. What drew you to pregnancy and family planning services?

I was inspired to start my business after I became pregnant.  After giving birth to my baby, I wanted to shift my career to help other people attain their family goals.  Since I come from a social work background, I wanted to serve people who are disenfranchised and underserved by the maternity/family planning industry.  This is what inspired me to serve the LGBTQ community and people going through IVF/IUI treatments.

3. You specialize in LGBTQ family planning. What are some special issues that come into play when approaching LGBTQ family planning?

There are several issues I’ve seen that have impacted the LGBTQ community in attaining their family goals.  One of those issues is finding providers who are open to providing medical services to queer people.  Another issue, especially for those undergoing IVF or IUI treatment is financing the treatment itself.  At Syler, we address those issues by referring our clients to LGBTQ-friendly providers who have experience serving the queer community.  We personally vet all referrals to ensure that our clients receive outstanding service.  For those requiring financial assistance for fertility treatments, we provide resources such as grants and complimentary fertility treatments.

4. Does Syler have a philosophy when approaching pregnancy and family planning?

ICARE is the acronym we utilize for our company values.  I stands for Inclusivity, C stands for Client Service, A stands for Appreciation, R stands for Respect, and E stands for Empathy.  When starting Syler, it was important to us to be inclusive of all people so they felt valued, respected and welcomed.

5. Do you have any success stories that you can share?

There are 2 success stories I would like to share, one that is client related and one related to business recognition.

I had a family who was trying to conceive for over 1 year and they were hesitant about starting IVF and IUI treatment due to its physical and emotional tolls.  We created a personalized nutrition and fitness plan to help enhance their chances of conceiving.  During this time, I also provided support to the family by talking with them on the phone and over video, and offering individualized suggestions to make their experience more peaceful. After two months, they conceived! They were very excited, and it was a wonderful experience to partake in their joy of having a baby!

Another success for Syler was being profiled by Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of their top LGBT-owned businesses in August of 2018.  It was a great honor to be recognized, especially since my business had just started the month before.     

6. How has being a Certified LGBTBE® through NGLCC impacted your business? 

Syler was just certified last month, so we’re navigating which companies to partner with.  We look forward to building more relationships with LGBTQ friendly companies.  

7. What advice would you give to an LGBT person starting a business?

Follow your passion! When you’re passionate about something, and it fills a need in society, go for it!

This blog post is part of a series celebrating Women's History Month 2019 by highlighting the contributions of female LBT business owners. Interested in having your Certified LGBTBE® in the spotlight? Email [email protected].