Transformation Journeys Worldwide: Helping Companies Create Trans and Non-binary Inclusive Environments

| By Kaela Roeder

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) interacts with inspirational LGBT business owners on a daily basis. As companies worldwide are making changes to improve their trans and non-binary diversity and inclusion, training and consulting firms provide necessary guidance for implementing the essential steps a business can take. That’s where trans woman Gabrielle Claiborne, the founder of Certified LGBTBE® Transformation Journeys Worldwide, comes in.

Transformation Journeys Worldwide helps organizations initiate conversations about transgender inclusion, increasing knowledge about how to interact respectfully with trans and non-binary individuals and implement best practices that help companies create an inclusive environment. During their four years in operation, many companies and corporations from the NGLCC network have reached out to Gabrielle’s firm. “I am proud of the traction we’ve gained and delighted to be able to support so many organizations in transforming their environments into trans and non-binary inclusive cultures.”

And the work continues. Gabrielle says, “We keep expanding our offerings. The June 2020 Supreme Court Title VII ruling makes it imperative that all employees know how to interact respectfully with trans and non-binary co-workers and customers. We’ve put our popular Trans 101 training into an LMS format to meet this urgent need.” Meanwhile, Gabrielle’s team continues to add to its numerous training that equip leaders to implement inclusive strategies throughout their companies. Learning opportunities that help audiences understand and mitigate the impact of racism on the trans and gender non-conforming community are also being offered.

For Gabrielle, the work is incredibly personal. She transitioned 10 years ago and is familiar with the struggle of finding vocational spaces to fully live as one’s authentic self. Fortunately, she was able to rely on her entrepreneurial experience to start her own businesses, first a cleaning and home renovation company, and then her inclusion training and consulting firm. In each of these endeavors, Gabrielle found membership in her local Atlanta LGBTQ chamber and certification with the NGLCC to be invaluable for growing her business. This made becoming a Certified LGBTBE® a natural step for her. “Being a Certified LGBTBE® is a service to my clients, because it helps them meet their supplier diversity goals. And for those clients who do not yet recognize this certification, it becomes an invitation for them to broaden their diversity spend which, in turn, helps me support and give back to my LGBTQ community.”

Gabrielle is all about giving back to her community. That’s why she currently serves on the Executive Board of her local LGBTQ chamber and on the NGLCC’s Trans Inclusion Task Force.
She is especially excited about her work as Co-Chair on the Task Force’s Mentoring Committee. “Transgender and non-gender-conforming (TGNC) people have a lot of skills to bring to the table. I am so grateful for this opportunity to use my 30 years of pre-transition experience in the construction industry and my 10 years of experience as a trans business owner to help TGNC individuals realize their entrepreneurial dreams.”

Along with mentoring and giving back to her community, Gabrielle is passionate about encouraging others to live their highest, best and most authentic life. She does this through her inspiring keynotes and TEDx Talk where she shares her personal story and invites others to get unstuck, build their “courage muscles” and join her on the journey of authenticity. On September 8, 2020, Gabrielle will expand the reach of her inspiring message with the Amazon release of her new book, Embrace Your Truth: A Journey of Authenticity. A mixture of self-help and memoir, she is excited to share her this collection of experiences in order to help others.

Gabrielle also has wisdom to share regarding the current pandemic. “This is a trying time for a lot of business owners, let alone TGNC business owners, so be kind to yourself. Take time for self-care.”

She noted that this experience can be an opportunity to change your business. “Don't see this pandemic as something that's happening to you—see this as something that's happening for you. Take this as an invitation to rebrand, reinvent or pivot your organization to where your services are relevant in the midst of our new normal.”

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