Webinar: Business UNusual: NGLCC’s Takeaways

| By Sarah Jester

As daily life in our country continues to shift each week, businesses in every state have experienced significant disruptions and challenges. Luckily, Liz Whitehead and Heather Cox, co-masterminds at Diversity Masterminds, are here to help! At Diversity Masterminds, Liz and Heather help diverse businesses achieve success by helping them to fully leverage their certification. As business UNusual continues to become business as usual, here are some tips from the masterminds themselves on how to take advantage of your LGBTBE certification at this time to transition into the next normal of procurement.

1. What information can you gather?

What can you find out about corporate liaisons that you’re building relationships with while in the process of obtaining a contract? Go beyond an email introduction and connect with them on LinkedIn or through the NGLCC directory! That supplier diversity representative is YOUR advocate within the corporation, so taking the extra step to check in with them personally during these times and form a strong connection can make a significant difference.

Beyond company liaisons, keep yourself up to date on what you and your company can be doing to continue to grow and develop during this time! Attending NGLCC Webinar Wednesdays is one great way to accomplish this. Setting Google alerts to stay up to date on the latest supplier diversity news is another.

2. What specific solutions can you offer?

When developing a relationship with a supplier diversity liaison, you will learn more about what is of interest to them and what their company is actually buying. Through this process, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you offer and who your audience is. Know what you want the liaison to remember you for, and who your product can serve. Take some time to clarify this by practicing and refining your pitch, and taking advantage of resources like the NGLCC Mentorship Program, which connects LGBTBE owners with mentors to help them strengthen their company and network.  The last thing to ever ask a potential customer is, “What do you need?’

3. Can you come from a place of giving?

Show liaisons and fellow LGBTBE owners alike that they can come to you when they need you! Heather and Liz discuss the importance of being a “go-giver,” and elevating others before yourself. This is incredibly relevant now, as we MUST give our time and energy to stand up for our LGBT brothers and sisters of color to implement real, tangible change in this country. How can YOU contribute to the movement?

4. How can you position yourself to potential supplier diversity departments right now?

There are many resources available to Certified LGBTBE® suppliers at this time. You can apply to pitch your business at the biweekly NGLCC Sip & Pitch event, which allows you to obtain helpful feedback from supplier diversity experts. There are also many business fairs that your certification allows you to take advantage of at this time. You can sign up to attend MERCK's Economic Inclusion Virtual Global Business Opportunity Fair, which is taking place on June 17.

Click here to view the full webinar. For information on upcoming NGLCC webinars, visit nglcc.org/nglcc-webinar-wednesday.

For additional ways to help you, your business, and the LGBT community during this time, visit the NGLCC COVID-19 Resource Hub for the LGBT Business Community.