Webinar: The Thriving Mindset: NGLCC’s Takeaways

| By Sarah Jester

There are many terms that can be used to describe the significant impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, but “disruptive” is one of the terms used most frequently among entrepreneurs.. As we continue to push through these disruptive times, many of us are experiencing high levels of loneliness, concern, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Luckily, Gerry Valentine, the founder of Vision Executive Coaching, as well as an experienced executive coach, public speaker, and author, has armed us with a new tool to overcome many of the personal challenges posed by this pandemic. Here, the key is to focus on thriving through disruption - becoming stronger and excelling in our work lives not in spite of what we are going through but because of what we’re going through. Valentine terms this as the “thriving mindset,” and here are some of NGLCC’s takeaways on how YOU can master it.

1. Take a courageous leap out of the cycle.

As Valentine says, we are currently experiencing exceptional disruption, which often leads to a cycle of adversity, fear, and paralysis. In other words, such disruption fosters challenges and difficulties in everyday life. The normal response to adversity is fear that we won’t be able to meet the new demands of life that rise out of this adversity. Fear is a normal response that can be managed, but the problem is when fear turns to paralysis, or an inability to respond productively to fear. Essentially, experiencing significant disruption like a pandemic can cause us to fall into a vicious cycle of adversity, fear, and paralysis. Valentine says that the best way to escape this cycle is for us to recognize when we’re standing in front of an opportunity, not a roadblock, and to use fear as a springboard to leap into it. That courageous leap fully embodies the thriving mindset.

2. Humanize and communicate.

Now is the time to humanize the workplace! It’s important to employ emotional and social intelligence to not only check in with yourself on a regular basis, but also to check in with your employees and coworkers. Fostering strong, visible communication during this time will not only create stronger relationships, but will also help employees to work with each other even if they are not physically together. During this time, business leaders should work to reestablish a “normal” schedule and structure for employees and make themselves visible as a point of connection to their employees and coworkers.

3. Let the crisis expose cracks and strengths.

Now, more than ever, is a time for leaders to reevaluate or reestablish their business’s mission, purpose, and values. Following the crisis, the public will remember how businesses, large and small, acted in response to the pandemic. In other words, now is the time to let the crisis expose the strengths, not cracks, of your business and make necessary adjustments during this reevaluation process.

4. Navigate to the “next normal” and foster a culture of innovation.

COVID-19 will significantly change our daily lives, even as it subsides. As a result, businesses must prepare to navigate to the “next normal” and adapt to a new workflow. By fostering a culture of innovation in the workplace, employees and leaders alike can share ideas and approaches for operations in the “next normal.” Through intelligent experimentation, leaders can test out new strategies for virtual or distanced work.

5. Be the eagle!

In times of turbulent weather, eagles use the storm to fly to a higher altitude and soar above it. Now is the time for your business to do the same. Coaches like Gerry Valentine are a part of the NGLCC network here to help you reach those heights.

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