Webinar: Virtual Pride: Tips to Move Your Organization’s Pride Programming Online

| By Sarah Jester

As we continue to progress through June, the tone of Pride 2020 has certainly changed compared to other years. During this time, many organizations are turning to the Internet to celebrate and uplift the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community and how our movement intersects with #BlackLivesMatter and the need for greater support for our Black community members. Unsure of what that virtual Pride programming should look like? Bernadette Smith, founder and CEO of The Equality Institute, is here to help! Here are NGLCC’s takeaways from Bernadette’s informative Virtual Pride webinar.

1. Why does Pride matter now?

Pride is especially important to observe during these times because many members of the LGBT community are particularly susceptible to feelings of loneliness at this time. LGBT individuals are more likely to live alone, and Pride month is a difficult time to be isolated. To add, LGBT individuals, particularly people of color, are a higher risk group for COVID-19. It is for these reasons, and many more, that queer allyship becomes particularly significant in quarantine and during an unprecedented global pushback against racism and police brutality. As we spend more time indoors, we have an increased opportunity to educate ourselves on the racism and oppression that plagues the Black community, especially our Black trans sisters. Pride Month, more than ever, is the time to switch from being a passive ally to an advocate.

2020 also marks the 50th anniversary of the first Pride Parade in 1970, which took place the year after the Stonewall riots. In light of our recent Supreme Court win regarding LGBTQ+ protections in the workplace, it is a monumental year to observe. Although we cannot meet in person to celebrate, we are a decidedly creative community with the ability and technology to celebrate virtually and inclusively.

2. What are some upcoming Virtual Pride events you can attend?

Luckily, many organizations already have virtual pride events in the works. These include them.’s inaugural Out Now Live stream, which is taking place on June 22 and will host the likes of Elton John and Indya Moore. Global Pride 2020 is also premiering on June 27 and will feature streams from around the world. Many cities have also organized their own virtual pride parade streams: click here for a listing. If you’re able to donate to those of the LGBTQ+ community in need at this time, there are also a series of LGBTQ+ charity galas moving online with sponsorship opportunities. Bernadette suggests livestreaming some of these events at home with a group of friends or family, and a coffee or cocktail!

3. How can you better educate your workplace on diversity and intersectionality within the LGBTQ+ community?

As Bernadette says, Pride may only be recognized as one month, but just like advocacy, it should be year round. Every month, members of the LGBTQ+ community in places of privilege have a duty to listen to and uplift the voices of the most marginalized among us. The workplace should be no different. Now is the time to engage in conversations with your employees or coworkers on the history of the LGBTQ+ community and the intersections of identity within it. These conversations may take the form of an “LGBTQ+ 101” training with a focus on allyship, transgender and nonbinary terminology, pronouns, and combatting microaggressions in and out of the workplace. They could also focus on LGBTQ+ storytelling through “lunch and learn” events, a book or podcast club, or even trivia.

4. How can you incorporate Pride into your company’s normal programming?

Seize the digital moment! Your organization’s June social calendar can reflect all of the points above. Social media is a powerful tool that should be used to spark meaningful conversations and further advocacy efforts. LGBT quotes, ally challenges, book recommendations, and more can be incorporated into your daily strategy. Be sure to uplift the history of the community, and intentionally reflect the diversity and intersectionality that makes us who we are.

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For additional ways to help you, your business, and the LGBT community during this time, visit the NGLCC COVID-19 Resource Hub for the LGBT Business Community.