Webinar: Working from Home: NGLCC’s Takeaways

| By Sarah Jester

Thank you to everyone who joined NGLCC for this week’s Webinar Wednesday, which was presented by Joshua Sky of The Sky’s the Limit Consulting, Inc.! Based in Southwest Florida, Sky is a human resources development consultant with over two decades of experience, including directly coaching Team NGLCC.

One large obstacle that many workplaces have faced over the past several months has been working from home for the first time. This surge in remote work since the onset of COVID-19 has required employees and employers alike to make massive changes to their daily work lives, which can present a series of challenges. Some of the largest challenges that people reported facing included  unplugging after work, dealing with loneliness, collaboration and communication issues, distractions at home, and staying motivated. This week, Sky offered his take on how to persevere through these challenges, especially as an entrepreneur, through the perspective of twelve major facets of time mastery. Here are our major takeaways from this informative webinar.

     1. Create a realistic to-do list at the end of each day for the following day.

By taking some time at the end of the day to focus only on the next, we can then identify the most important tasks to be tackled in the morning. Planning out tasks in advance in this manner allows them to settle in our minds, and also allows us to reflect on the work we’ve accomplished over the day. This functions to put upcoming tasks at rest in our mind so that we can transition out of a work mindset. In the morning, hold yourself accountable to these new tasks.

     2. Keep a regular routine, and transition in and out of work.

Planning out a daily schedule allows us to maintain regular hours and breaks, even when working from home. Making time for a walk, or for lunch with your family, can help you to take a quick mental break from work when needed, even though work and home now occupy the same space. For many, keeping a regular work routine might include dressing for work - this can help us maintain a sense of normalcy. It is important to transition in and out of a work mindset at the beginning and end of each day. Sky suggests going for a walk directly before and directly after work, which mimics the commute that many entrepreneurs no longer have.

     3. Set boundaries and expectations with the people you may be sharing a space with.

Many of us are not used to sharing a workspace with family. Entrepreneurs all across the nation are now faced with the challenge of not having a designated workspace in their home, or perhaps dealing with young children and pets during their work day. To work through these challenges, it is important to set boundaries and ground rules with the people that you share your space with for everyone’s comfort and wellbeing. Through this process, don’t hesitate to ask for what you need from colleagues and family members. Be there for each other!

     4. Use technology to your advantage to connect with your team.

Although working remotely presents its own set of obstacles to connecting with coworkers and team members, technology is here to help you. Applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow you to speak with coworkers at the click of a mouse. Many workplaces, aside from scheduling regular team meetings, are also scheduling freeform lunch hours or short windows for coworkers to socialize virtually. This provides a relaxed environment for a team to mingle and take a quick break.

     5. Give yourself space to be positive - whatever that means for you in the moment.

In a time when an unprecedented amount of loss is occurring at such high levels, it is important to take time for yourself. However you interpret this as best for yourself, make space to do something nice for YOU. As previously stated, if you need help, do not hesitate to ask friends, family members, and colleagues for what you may need.

Click here to view a recording of the webinar. Learn more about Sky’s work at theskysthelimitconsulting.com/.

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For additional ways to help you, your business, and the LGBT community during this time, visit the NGLCC COVID-19 Resource Hub for the LGBT Business Community.