Families Like Yours 

About the Film

Through candid interviews and humorous real-life stories, Families Like Yours demystifies LGBT families and their lives, showcasing that they are just as loving, busy, and complicated as any other family.  This award-winning documentary follows six families as they attempt to balance work and school, rush kids to sports practice, and deal with diaper duty. From all across the nation and in all different stages of family life, from conception to grandchildren, these families represent a cross-section of the modern American family -- the only difference is that they are LGBT families.

In a world where distinct races, religions, ideologies, and sexualities live side-by-side and have coexisted for centuries despite their differences and ongoing taboos and prejudices, we continue to use outdated constructs. It is incumbent upon us as a thoughtful and mature society to propose the changes so that we can understand and seek to educate current and future generations within a framework of equality, not differentiation.

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dk Realizadores, NGLCC, and Wells Fargo underwrote the film’s production.

About the Directors

Award-winning filmmakers Rodolfo Moro and Marcos Duszczak are the creative team behind a 2012 parallel film in Argentina, Familias por Igual. The film was widely praised, receiving several prestigious awards that added momentum to Argentina’s LGBT equality movement. The idea for this project came from the need to show a variety of examples that meet a social demand and speak to the basic right to raise a family and to be recognized within the legal realm. The motivating force is an opportunity to change the narrative and facilitate the raising of more children in healthier and more welcoming environments.

Screening Toolkit

Families Like Yours is a powerful documentary exploring the love, compassion, sacrifice, and success of LGBT families in America. The Families Like Yours Screening Toolkit is designed to support the execution of successful screenings of the film, and discussions to supplement the experience for a wide range of audiences within various organizations, institutions, work groups, educational environments and company/business organizations.

All screenings are supported by the NGLCC team, who will work in collaboration with your organization to plan and execute an event that suits the needs of your target audience. It is possible that NGLCC can provide NGLCC staff, film directors/producers or cast members to join as panelists or guests for your screening.

The Families Like Yours Screening Toolkit is made possible with the support of EY.

Corporate Screening Levels

Screening Room | $500
One (1) screening with Screening Toolkit

Cinema | $1,500
Two (2) screenings with Screening Toolkit
Facilitated remote D&I conversation/talkback led by NGLCC

Multiplex | $2,500
Two (2) screenings with Screening Toolkit
Facilitated in-person D&I conversation/talkback led by NGLCC

Blockbuster | $5,000
One (1) in-person screening with facilitated D&I conversation led by NGLCC
Guaranteed talkbacks with creatives or producing partners
Opportunity to live stream event

For more information, or to plan a screening for your company/organization, please contact NGLCC Chief of Staff, Sabrina Kent, at [email protected].

Meet the Families