Greg Shinbur

Greg Shinbur is the Vice President of Corporate Relations. In his leadership role on the Corporate Relations, he works with a talented team that establishes and cultivates strong relationships with leading organizations to help them build sustainable and strong economic supply networks. He lends himself and NGLCC as a trusted partner and expert in providing diversity and inclusion programming and support, advocacy, speaking engagements, and business development opportunities.

Prior to NGLCC, much of Greg’s experience has been focused on bridging the gap between underrepresented communities and the business sector. His passion has been to unleash untapped professional talent and connect them with opportunities in corporate environments. Before NGLCC, Greg worked for a leading nonprofit workforce development helping Fortune 1000 organizations build diverse workforces to resulting in market share competitiveness.

Greg is a father of three and grandfather of one. He is an avid craftsman in woodworking and is an active volunteer for the Hospice of Washington County Maryland. He and his husband reside in the Washington, DC suburbs of Maryland. Greg holds a BA of Business Management from the University of Maryland University College.