Policy Priorities

The NGLCC is taking an active part of discussions with legislators and government officials at a federal and state level, where it works to ensure the implementation of pro-business, LGBT-inclusive policies. We also work with federal agencies to ensure LGBT-inclusive federal procurement.

LGBT Equality Advocacy

The NGLCC ensures that economic arguments for LGBT-equality are heard and that business interests are considered when pursuing LGBT-inclusive policies.

Immigration Reform

President Obama and NGLCC have made it a priority to fix our broken immigration system to support families and to help spur economic growth. Comprehensive immigration reform would help business owners attract and retain top talent from around the globe. NGLCC along with our coalition partners urges Congress to include LGBT binational couples in their ongoing process of reform. 

Employment Non-Discrimination

It is not only morally wrong to ask the estimated 7.5 million LGBT employees or working adults in this country to simply park a layer of their identity at the door when they come to work; it’s also inefficient.  Small business owners know employee engagement is a quintessential ingredient to a productive workforce and a profitable enterprise. 

Small Business Advocacy

The NGLCC is proud to represent the interests of LGBT-owned businesses in small business and economic advocacy.

Fix The Debt

NGLCC is a coalition partner with the Fix The Debt campaign, a non-partisan consortium of business, social and political leaders to put American on a better fiscal and economic path. The campaign brings these leaders together around the common belief that America's growing federal debt threatens our future and that we must address it.