NGLCC x JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Educational Courses from Chase for Business

We’re partnering with JPMorgan Chase & Co. to offer free Chase for Business educational courses designed to help LGBT+ entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. From navigating your cash flow to marketing in a digital world, these guided sessions focus on addressing immediate and long-term financial needs and building resiliency.

Session 1: The Power of Capital
How to fuel the growth of your business, including topics such as:
• Understanding the different capital options for your business
• Determining what financial data is important
• Recognizing your credit options
• Confirming when your business needs to borrow

Session 2: Navigating Your Cash Flow

Session 3: Your Next-Level Business

Session 4: Marketing in a Digital World

Certify Your Business as an LGBTBE

We’re also helping certify 100 LGBT+ business enterprises with JPMorgan Chase. Becoming certified as an LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) can open the door to new business growth opportunities. Learn how to get your NGLCC Affiliate Chamber membership and LGBTBE Certification fees sponsored by JPMorgan Chase here.


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