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CoCi's mission is to support the growth and success of minority LGBTQ-owned businesses through certification and business development by creating equal opportunities for the economic advancement & the empowerment of the minority LGBTQ business community.

In our work to support the minority Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) community, CoCi brings together business leaders from a range of industries to work together, share best practices, and foster success. 

CoCi’s member businesses cross multiple diverse segments, industries and certifications. Support of the NGLCC CoCi offers your company an excellent opportunity to increase your engagement with these businesses and to enlarge your footprint within these diverse communities. 

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  • Join the CoCi community and network with other Certified LGBTBE® companies with NGLCC
  • Participate in CoCi activities and events on the local and national level 
  • Access to CoCi’s business development web-series presented by fellow Certified LGBTBE® companies, corporate partners, and organizational allies of the NGLCC

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Your support will allow NGLCC to: 

  • Book panelists, speakers, and venues
  • Produce best-in-class educational and networking events that will advance our mission in supporting minority LGBTQ-owned businesses and their growth 
  • Create educational materials, curriculum and opportunities for CoCi member businesses
  • Develop marketing materials to further grow the number of CoCi members and certified minority owned LGBTBE companies

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