A close up image of a sign that states "Industry Cluster 3: construction/energy" at the NGLCC B2B summit

Building a more inclusive construction industry, one Certified LGBTBE® supplier at a time.

Diversity in the construction industry is an essential priority. Many of the nation’s largest firms and development companies now join over 1/3 of the Fortune 500 to actively include NGLCC Certified LGBTBE® construction and related industry companies.

Mission for 2023 and Beyond

  • Create new avenues of opportunity for contracting, consulting, partnerships and more for Certified LGBTBE® suppliers in construction, design, architecture, furnishing, infrastructure and the related industries and fields
  • Increase the number of construction and related industry firms as both Certified LGBTBE® suppliers and as NGLCC corporate partners, and to establish local engagement opportunities for affiliate chambers
  • Host multiple construction industry roundtables & matchmaking sessions in key cities with major public/private sector opportunities, including SF, NYC, Chicago, and more
  • Represent the LGBTQ business community at a wide array of industry trade conferences and association meetings, educating attendees on the economic impact of Certified LGBTBE® suppliers and the importance of including them in supply chains
  • Create educational collateral and expand corporate partner participation within the NGLCC & its affiliates by directly engaging construction agencies/prime suppliers, corporate facilities/physical plant decision makers, and supplier diversity teams to promote utilization of NGLCC certified construction and related industry professionals

Upcoming Events


Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners supporting the NGLCC’s Construction Industries Council include: