Pour a drink; pitch a business; make an invaluable connection. 

NGLCC invites you to take advantage of what we do best: bring business leaders together and create new relationships. Even in this time of social distancing, virtual meetings allow us to be closer than ever.


Each Sip & Pitch Friday requires a new registration TO ATTEND. Please click each date to RSVP:

April 16, 2021

May 21, 2021

June 11, 2021

July 16, 2021

**More dates will be announced shortly. Check back reguarly.

Are you an NGLCC Corporate Partner interested in judging/mentoring during the pitch rounds? Click here.

Join us TWICE MONTHLY from 3 PM EST to 6 PM EST as the NGLCC brings together LGBT business owners, local affiliate members and corporate procurement experts for:


A chance to informally present your business to a panel of experts and your fellow business owners for positive, constructive feedback and new ideas.  If you have a 5 minute (or less) presentation with all the bells and whistles: great! If not: that’s great, too! Simply bring your “elevator pitch” and any messaging you’d like to work on with our experts. This is an open forum! Although these are mock pitches, these programs are a tremendous opportunity for NGLCC community businesses to enjoy:

  • No-cost constructive feedback to help you improve your pitch, whether a casual elevator pitch, coordinated matchmaking opportunity, or formal pitch for upcoming RFPs
  • Judgment-free, safe-space for you to practice your pitch. Everyone in the room wants to help you succeed and share best practices
  • See and be seen by representatives from NGLCC Corporate Partners and fellow Certified LGBTBE® companies seeking your goods & services. Participation is a great way to build relationships with key buyers and strategic partners while presenting to a national audience eager to see your innovations
  • Learn what other NGLCC Certified LGBTBE® suppliers do. You will likely be amazed to hear what some of your fellow NGLCC members are up to which could lead to ways for you to work together

Want to Pitch with NGLCC?*                                                      

*You will be notified if selected to pitch; note that all sessions are recorded & livestreamed for future attendees to view


For the final hour ALL members of the LGBT and allied business community in the NGLCC network are welcome to pour a drink of your choice-- with everything from coffee to cocktails welcome-- and casually network with your fellow community members over digital video. Our community is sustained by our resilience and commitment to helping one another through the good times, and the challenging ones.  So come with a joke, a story, or just a friendly face as we affirm that all of us in the NGLCC family will get through this together.




Pour a drink; pitch a project; make an invaluable connection.

We know how much fun NGLCC’s Sip & Pitch has been with our LGBT Business Enterprises, which is why we’re excited to be bringing a new spin to the event – Sip & Pitch: Affiliate Edition.

Join us as the NGLCC brings together LGBT business owners, local affiliate members, and corporate procurement to hear about an innovative program that our affiliate Chambers are looking to launch or revamp. THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL, AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PITCH TO PARTICIPATE. We encourage corporate partners, LGBTBEs and other affiliates to join in and see how innovative our affiliates are. 

Stay tuned for more dates coming soon!

Are you an affiliate interested in presenting during Sip & Pitch? Each session will feature three affiliate chambers who will have 10 minutes to present on their program/initiative/event, followed by 10 minutes of feedback. The panel will consist of other affiliate leaders, corporate partners, Certified LGBTBE® suppliers and more. Click here to apply.


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