Authentique Agency: The Importance of LGBTQ and Multicultural Marketing

Nothing captures a potential client’s attention quite like the perfect marketing campaign. That’s where the Authentique Agency, a full-service marketing firm and Certified LGBTBE® located in Atlanta, makes its mark. Founded by Roy Broderick, jr. in 2016, Authentique obtained its certification in 2018.

“Aside from wanting to be among like minded professionals that understand the power of representation, I joined the NGLCC because it is my passion to change the way LGBTQ and multicultural consumers and business owners are targeted,” explained Broderick. “The NGLCC is the perfect platform to aid in my initiative.”

The Authentique Agency works to create dynamic brand campaigns that emphasize multifaceted and diverse viewpoints.

“We help brands build affinity by helping them observe the intersectionality of cultural identity, and account for how it influences a consumers’ decision-making,” Broderick said.

Before founding Authentique, Broderick worked as a regional marketing manager for Allstate Insurance, an NGLCC corporate partner. Now, he looks back proudly on the growth of his own enterprise.

“I’m most proud of the year-over-year growth my business has shown since its inception,” he said. “Although entrepreneurship wasn’t in the cards for me when I was career planning, it’s clear that this is the path I was destined for.”

Authentique has set numerous goals for the next several years. Overall, Broderick anticipates huge growth in his business and looks forward to creating an impact in diverse marketing.

“In the next 12 months, I see Authentique crossing the million-dollar revenue threshold, and sky’s the limit from there,” said Broderick. “By the 10-year mark we will have offices in multiple cities, domestic and international, and be regarded as the foremost experts in multicultural and LGBTQ marketing.”

He has excellent advice to offer to young LGBT individuals looking to establish their own enterprise that leverages their LGBT identity for connections and support.

“Identity is power,” he explained. “It recently dawned on me in a chat with my father, that I was raised to hide who was and to be afraid of fully being me. Luckily in college I came into my own, and have since been unapologetically me, even when starting my company.”

This philosophy carried over into his business.

“At Authentique, we have a culture where differences are celebrated, not suffocated,” said Broderick. “We believe that in the battle for hearts, minds, and eyes, there is nothing more powerful than being true to who you are as a brand or business. As a proud open member of the LGBTQIA community, I know our collective thoughts are the force behind our genius.”

Want to become a Certified LGBTBE® like the Authentique Agency? Click here!

This Certified LGBTBE® feature is part of NGLCC’s Black History Month series. 


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