B. Austin Consulting, LLC: Bridging the Gap

NGLCC Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® companies provide a wide range of services to groups across the nation, including helping other businesses to better themselves. That’s where triple-certified consulting business B. Austin Consulting, LLC thrives. Founded by Bridgette Austin in 2017, BAC works to provide professional services to organizations that focus on business administration, human capital & program management, education, training, and curriculum development.

“We partner with sub and prime contractors to deliver quality workshop facilitation services and leadership coaching for our clients,” explained Austin. “Our team takes pride as a top provider of quality consulting services and business solutions while setting clear, achievable goals through simple and effective processes with the highest level of accountability.”

Prior to founding her business, Austin fostered a strong military career. She then went on to work as a human resources staffing & recruitment manager, and a human resources information systems (HRIS) analyst.

“Both positions, along with my human capital experience while on active duty, taught me that there is a serious gap in communication and skill translation between the civilian and military community,” Austin said. “Upon leaving both positions, I volunteered my services as a transition coach, all of which inspired me to establish B. Austin Consulting, LLC.”

Austin takes pride in her work with both the LGBT and veteran communities.

“While I initially founded BAC to work with employers to bridge the divide in veteran skill translation…a recent redesign of our business model as subcontractors focuses on building a talented pipeline of candidates within the LGBT and veteran community,” she explained. “[This] not only provides an opportunity for a smoother transition from active duty military to the civilian workforce, but it also acclimates fellow veterans and LGBT professionals to a welcoming, diverse, safe and inclusive environment while offering insight to entrepreneurship.”

Austin’s work in veteran skill translation and entrepreneurship services has also fostered pride in the environment that BAC creates for LGBT and veteran professionals.

“What I’m most proud of is our commitment to creating an inclusive culture that prepares fellow veteran and LGBT professionals with the opportunity to grow and develop their skills as a part of a highly empowered and inclusive BAC team,” Austin said.

B. Austin Consulting, LLC has set a number of goals for the next few years, including increasing their client base by 50% within the public sector.

“Our goal is to become the go-to professional service provider to private and public sector employers by achieving successful programs designed to further advocate veteran and LGBT skills in support of their business initiatives,” said Austin.

Austin has a strong five-step plan for aspiring LGBT entrepreneurs:

  1. Learn the industry you plan to conquer.
  2. Get a mentor well established in your industry.
  3. Build a business plan with a solid/realistic set of financial projections.
  4. Don’t fall in love with your “first” idea.
  5. Be flexible, open-minded, and always hungry for more information (do your research).

Apart from her successful business journey, Austin should also be recognized as a personal role model for young LGBT individuals.

“Most of my young adult life, inclusive of my 23-year military career, I didn’t believe I could be 100% me because of my sexuality,” she explained. “I’ve since come to realize that if I couldn’t be me within my own inner circle, I needed to find a new circle, which is precisely what I did. The NGLCC played a big part in that. I have since taken that circle and opened it even wider to a world I only wished existed when I was growing up; an employment environment I could only dream of and a community to live for!”

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This Certified LGBTBE® feature is part of NGLCC’s Black History Month series.


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