Bon Appetit Y’all by Carlton: Sassy Sauces, Seasonings, Sweets and Savories

NGLCC Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® suppliers can be found at the top of their fields in nearly every industry in the country, and food is no exception. From coffee shops to ice cream parlors to burger joints, LGBT business owners are providing tasty bites to their communities. But what about the mouthwatering sauce that tops the burger? That’s where Bon Appetit Y’all by Carlton comes in!

Founded in 1994 by Carlton Brown, Bon Appetit Y’all is an Atlanta-based e-commerce gourmet condiment line and subscription program that offers seasonings, jams and jellies, BBQ sauces, and so much more.

“We provide everyday gourmet to help elevate your meals from ordinary to extraordinary,” said Chef Carlton.

Chef Carlton received his NGLCC certification for Bon Appetit Y’all in 2021 and experienced doors opening for him ever since.

“I have major corporate clients that have been a huge asset to my company and I would not have had those relationships without the influence of my NGLCC certification,” he explained. “It has also opened doors to incredible education opportunities. I have received two scholarships to Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth college due to my certification.”

Prior to the pandemic, the main focus of the business was its full service catering capabilities. When events began to decline as COVID-19 spread, Chef Carlton pivoted the business to include the launch of a gourmet condiment line. Now, he hails Bon Appetit Y’all’s multifaceted capabilities as one of their most unique elements.

“Now, we have a new primary element to our company and focus on the different tiers, as opposed to just the full service catering,” he said.

Business has been booming for Bon Appetit Y’all over the last several months. Recently, they even received a request for samples and a pitch from national retailer Sam’s Club. Over the next several years, Chef Carlton hopes to see his products sold on store shelves throughout the country.

The seasoned entrepreneur had wise words to offer to LGBT individuals looking to start a business in the future.

“Obviously building relationships are very important to the growth of your company, but meeting the right contacts can always be a challenge,” Chef Carlton explained. “With your certification, opportunities are literally laid in your lap to pursue. Your certification can definitely ease the challenge of getting into doors and growing your business.”

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