Certified LGBTBE® in the Spotlight: Lyon Change Consulting

A new management consulting firm based out of Woodland Hills, California has been on the rise after a year and a half of development and obtaining the Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) certification.  Shortly after joining the IBM led Supplier Connection their team rallied together and won the Supplier Spotlight contest competition in July 2014. Supplier Connect featured their creative company culture and employee-first values, resulting in an influx of calls and emails. With the help of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), Lyon Change Consulting has had back-to-back meetings with employee resource group (ERG) leaders and diversity and inclusion (D&I) office executives that track Certified LGBTBE® businesses, achieving diversity in their global supply chains.
Lyon Change Consulting is a change management firm that is now working with organizational leaders across the U.S to achieve new heights by consulting on the integration of ERG’s with a business resource group (BRG) framework. Their mission is to help employee-led groups find a more meaningful connection to their organization’s business objectives, mission, and vision. Lyon Change Consulting believes that fostering organization-wide personal and professional networks that produce tangible business results accelerates employee growth and ERG maturity.
Founder and President of Lyon Change Consulting, Alan Lyon, formed his approach during his time with Northrop Grumman. Lyon stated, “I left a fantastic corporate position to start Lyon Change Consulting because I knew there was a community of support and resources that existed. I also had a solution to a problem I had heard over and over again. I would hear senior management complain that middle management was the problem in terms of change. Whether it was with employee resource groups failing to produce the intended results or a new business system.”
After hearing this problem repeatedly, Lyon decided to found Lyon Change Consulting. “You need to go deeper in change management. You need to see what’s really blocking a change effort,” he said.
Lyon recently attended the 2014 NGLCC National Business and Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, which gave him the opportunity to discuss his business plan with many of NGLCC’s corporate partners. These discussions allowed him to realize a capability to their already existing consulting services.
Lyon and his team are taking what they learned at the conference and rebranding their business. Already, his bio and Lyon Change Consulting’s value statements have been updated to reflect a more focused business model. Energized, they are planning to continue to leverage their Certified LGBTBE® status to connect to prospective corporate consumers in unconventional ways.
The Lyon Change Consulting team will continue to cultivate the employee-first culture that won them the IBM Supplier Connection Spotlight. As Lyon puts it, “… we are dealing with analytics and project deadlines, but underneath it all, we are a people and values-based company. This sets us apart being that we combine structures and processes with transformational leadership—bringing the human element to an area where it is extremely important.”
For more information about Lyon Change Consulting, please visit http://www.lyonchange.com/.
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