Certified LGBTBE® in the Spotlight: W.M. Martin Advertising

In order to successfully run a business, there’s a certain level of passion, knowledge, and convivial work ethic that must be achieved. With the help of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), Wendy Fahle has gone above and beyond the standards of excellence as she continues pushing her Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® towards success.

Fahle’s company, W.M. Martin Advertising, is a full service promotional products supplier with a unique emphasis on providing products that are produced in accordance with social and corporate responsibility. “Everything we sell comes with an assurance that the factories are in good condition, workers are paid fair wages, and that production methods are environmentally conscious,” Fahle said.

As the owner of W.M. Martin Advertising, Fahle has overseen a tremendous growth of her Certified LGBTBE® since acquiring the business in 2008. Much of the recent growth, Fahle explains, has come from their certification “with 36% of [their] new business this year being related to this certification.” She goes on to explain how the NGLCC has opened many doors to new business through different networking opportunities.

“The webinars and other education that NGLCC offers are very valuable for information, inspiration, and ideas while setting realistic expectations as to what certification can do for you,” Fahle said. With W.M. Martin Advertising headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Fahle had the opportunity to attend NGLCC’s National Business and Leadership Conference in Dallas this past summer. She was introduced to many key decision makers within the supplier diversity forum which provided her the good fortune “to truly delve into conversations and learn more about corporate initiatives and the ways my company can have an impact.”

One of the reasons Fahle experiences success is her willingness to work with other Certified LGBTBE® companies. The NGLCC recommends working with other Certified LGBTBE® companiesto discover greater opportunities, and by doing so, Fahle created a single buying entity within the advertising specialties industry, which lowered the price set by suppliers. 

Fahle is involved with her local NGLCC affiliate chamber, the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce, and she is a proud member of the LGBT business community. Fahle’s sincere desire to support her community goes beyond just business. “It’s not just about growing my business but about growing relationships,” she said.

W.M. Martin Advertising considers themselves a boutique firm providing creative ideas at affordable prices. They offer free warehousing, gift wrapping and complete turnkey programs. To see a comprehensive selection of the products they offer, visit their website at http://wmmadv.com.



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