Diver Collective: Changing the Scope of Digital Strategizing

Today, the importance of knowing how to use technology to one’s advantage cannot be overstated. Especially as more and more businesses are converting to online work during the spread of COVID-19, digital media professionals become all the more valuable. That’s where Certified LGBTBE® Diver Collective comes in!

Diver Collective is a full service digital strategy firm. Located in Brooklyn, it was founded and certified in 2019 by co-founders Cat Dawson and Gabriel DeFazio.

Co-Founder Cat Dawson

“We design and build apps and websites, configure content management systems, and advise on general digital strategy and content for all types of SMEs and non-profits,” Dawson explained.

When asked about what they thought was most unique about Diver Collective, Dawson pointed to their own team.

“We have a core team of 4 people–two full time, two part time–all of whom have substantial experience in their industry,” they said. “Though we have worked on some fantastic projects, I am most proud of assembling what I think of as an unbeatable team. Everyone in our core unit–and, for that matter, all the subs we work with to complete projects–is talented, passionate, and friendly.”

Teamwork is essential to providing quality services as a business, especially LGBT-owned businesses. Dawson identifies one of the main benefits of being certified through NGLCC as the community.

“I have met a lot of interesting, passionate, and out & proud folks,” they explained.

The Diver Collective team has set several goals in their industry for the next couple of years.

“Our goal is to provide these types of services for several years until we have generated enough revenue to create an innovation unit that builds next frontier products to apply to industries or solve problems we’re passionate about,” said Dawson.

Dawson had inspiring advice to offer to LGBT individuals who want to start their own businesses in the future.

“Don’t cover — aka hide your sexuality of gender non-normativity — in hopes of getting clients,” they said. “Be out and proud about who you are and you’ll find yourself working with clients who respect you all the more for it. Also, go to the NGLCC national conference! It is a great place to meet mentors & friends.”

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