Epic Gourmet Popcorn: Snacks that Satisfy All

Epic Gourmet Popcorn’s “Epic Reindeer Chow”

Epic Gourmet Popcorn is no ordinary food company. Founded by Dan Earles and Bill Rossi in 2017, their unique business specializes in delicious and edible gifts for any occasion. Ranging from savory to sweet, this popcorn company has a gift for everyone!

Before launching Epic Gourmet Popcorn, Earles and Rossi were spread across multiple industries. Earles served as the principal of NGLCC certified businesses Earles Architects and Associates (a Certified LGBTBE® active in NGLCC’s Construction & Related Industries Council) and SEAATS. Rossi serves as the CFO of Earles Architects and Associates, SEAATS, and as a satellite CFO for multiple other companies.

“After 10 years of continued success, Epic Gourmet Popcorn will be viewed as a leader of diverse supplier needs in the food and snacking industry. With an increased access to the public through nationwide franchises, wholesale programs with high profile grocers, and consistent advertising for promotional product lines, Epic Gourmet Popcorn will be known as a household name,” said Earles.

Epic Gourmet Popcorn emphasized the importance of the NGLCC-certification when looking to accomplish these goals.

“The certification allows Epic Gourmet Popcorn to compete against other companies that do not experience equitable challenges posed in a traditionally geared market. Presenting itself as a diverse supplier has allowed Epic Gourmet Popcorn to attract the attention of reputable organizations such as Kroger, Visit Orlando and FLIK Hospitality Group,” said Earles.

In addition to broadening Epic Gourmet Popcorn’s opportunities to expand and grow business, Earles expressed that being a Certified LGBTBE® provides a formal foundation for expressing the company’s mission to advance initiatives surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Earles and Rossi, having experience in many different types of businesses over the years, had quality advice to share with fellow LGBT business owners.

Epic Gourmet Popcorn opening its  second retail location in Crown Point, IN in Fall 2019

“The most important trait anyone can possess when approaching a new business venture is to remain true to the original source of passion that motivated you in the first place. Starting a new business is never an easy venture, but focusing on remaining positive, and creating an inclusive, welcoming company culture will always leave you with pride at the end of the day. Passion almost always equates to success in the end,” they said.

Epic Gourmet Popcorn offers a variety of services ranging from gift boxes, pop-up snack bars, and a wholesale program.

“A commitment to provide fun, unique flavors while spreading a corporate mission of diversity and inclusion sets Epic Gourmet Popcorn apart,” Earles said.

Epic Gourmet Popcorn also prides itself on the ability to completely customize each of its product lines. Customers can easily add in custom labels and colors when ordering for special events.

“The ability to customize products with unique colors, names, flavors and branding elements allows Epic Gourmet Popcorn to situate itself as a top competitor within the promotional products market,” said Earles.

In addition to providing gifts for corporations and parties, Epic Gourmet Popcorn also provides a fundraising service for schools, organizations, and clubs.

In the last year, Epic Gourmet Popcorn was most proud of their re-branding, increased digital presence, new products, and being more vocal on the importance of diversity and inclusion to the public. The company created new products such as the Love is Love Mix, Rainbow Mix and Kindness Mix, all included in the Coming Out Celebration Box ™.

Epic Gourmet Popcorn’s “Rainbow Mix”

Epic Gourmet Popcorn was also featured in high profile publications such as People and The Advocate.

While Earles and Rossi’s company accomplished a lot in the few years they have been in business, the pair has even more goals they are hoping to achieve in the near future.

“By the end of the next year, Epic Gourmet Popcorn will have stabilized itself as a supplier of gourmet popcorn in a variety of service sectors, including gifting, catering and wholesale. In the next five years, Epic Gourmet Popcorn will have expanded its reach in service across a greater span of the country through the establishment of nationwide franchises,” Earles said.

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