From Opera Singer to Certified LGBTBE®: Jenny Brown

Jennifer Brown is the Founder & CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, a certified woman- and LGBT-owned strategic leadership and diversity workplace consulting firm based in New York. Last year at the 2012 NGLC National Business & Leadership Conference, she was selected to interview Ernst & Young CEO and Chairman Jim Turley from the conference mainstage.

But in addition to leading a successful business and being a vital participant in NGLCC events, she is also a classically trained opera singer. She lost her ability to sing due to multiple surgeries, and in the midst of her recovery, Jennifer found that she had a voice much stronger and a story much more powerful than her life as a performer.

In her recent TED Talk in San Francisco, she spoke about her journey: “In hindsight, I was indeed meant to leverage my voice, but just not as a singer but rather to tell my truth and create a safe space for those who historically have had little or no voice.”

Meet Jenny and many other Certified LGBTBEs® in Dallas, TX for the 2013 National Business & Leadership Conference!



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