LGBT Acceptance in the Real Estate Industry

We often have to trust strangers when faced with big life decisions, including buying a home for the first time. Jeff Hammerberg, founder of, is committed to making that process more comfortable and welcoming for members of the LGBT community. After witnessing an instance of homophobia while working at a real estate company, Hammerberg decided that he’d seen enough.

“By creating a database of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly real estate professionals, I could help other LGBTQ individuals and couples avoid discomfort, uncertainty, unenthusiastic representation or even hostility,” Hammerberg explained. “Individuals could be assured of a comfortable, smooth buying or selling experience while being fully represented.”

Founded over 25 years ago, serves as an interactive database of LGBTQI+ friendly realtors. The company works to connect LGBTQI+ buyers to real estate agents that, in many cases, it has been working with since its beginning years.

Hammerberg expressed that NGLCC certification provides an additional sense of community and security to potential LGBT buyers.

“I think it’s a great comfort for our visitors and potential clients to know that we’re a Certified LGBTBE®,” said Hammerberg. “It’s important for our community to know the importance of supporting LGBTQ businesses.”

“Finding a competent and trustworthy realtor is a tall order for any person, let alone a person from the LGBT community,” said Hammerberg. “It shouldn’t be too much to demand representation with one of life’s largest purchases.” also prides itself in giving back to the LGBT community. They work to provide financial assistance to numerous nonprofits across the nation, as well as local centers that work to support LGBT individuals. Although the nation has come a long way, Hammerberg says, it still has quite a long way to go in terms of LGBT rights and acceptance.

“Our rights are fragile – and as you drive across the country, your rights change every time you cross a state line,” he explained. “You can be kicked out of your home for being gay in over 28 states.”

Hammerberg had some excellent advice to offer to hopeful entrepreneurs.

“Make sure what you’re doing is something you live, breathe, and dream about!” he said. “Nothing is more important than your undying belief and keeping a positive mental attitude and focus.”

Want to learn how to become a Certified LGBTBE® like Visit our website to learn how!


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