In Response to President Obama’s Speech on Economy

The NGLCC applauds President Obama’s compelling speech on the U.S. economy yesterday. We agree there has been steady growth in the U.S. economy, and we all must stay focused in order to keep the momentum going. We hear from hard-working, creative business people all around the country, and they express an increasing level of frustration, disgust, and disconnection from the lawmaking process in Washington.

The President resonated with the business community when he said, “The key is to break through the tendency in Washington to careen from crisis to crisis.” We are exhausted from watching major pieces of legislation like the Affordable Care Act being constantly bombarded with meaningless repeal votes while Congress does not offer any concrete ideas. 
Many businesses are feeling the pain of the recent budget sequestration; it is time for the White House and all lawmakers to come to the table on these challenging issues with a new attitude, focused on getting things done. This work must include dealing with our nation’s unsustainable debt path, which is critical part of helping the recovery, creating jobs, and fueling long-term economic growth.
All around the country business owners and workers are focused and productive and doing their part every day to keep this recovery chugging along. It’s time for Washington to do the same.
The President has pledged to focus his 1,276 remaining days in office to strengthen the economy, especially the middle class. It’s time for lawmakers to show a similar focus and willingness to discover, compromise, and implement solutions. We especially applaud the President’s closing sentiment: Let’s ALL get to work. 

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