Level Up Automation: Transforming The Field

Certified LGBTBE® companies can be found doing remarkable work in nearly every industry you can name. One particular place in which Certified LGBTBE® companies thrive is the automation industry, which focuses on constructing technological systems to complete different kinds of tasks. That’s where Jennifer Mallett has helped change the game.

Coming from a strong background in the field, Mallett was the first female leader of Bose Corporation’s installation business unit. She then went on to develop her technology automation company Level Up Automation in 2016, and completed the certification process in 2019.

“We specialize in helping people select the right technology products, [including] audio, video, wifi networks, automated shades, security cameras, smart locks… and we install those products so they all work together seamlessly through smartphones or voice control,” Mallett explained.

Level Up Automation prides itself on providing personalized service to numerous manufacturers, consumers, and commercial businesses across the country.

“Our goal is to be the leading national provider of technology automation for residential and small business sectors,” said Mallett on her company’s future. “We are working on contracts with iRobot and Home Depot who have a national presence.”

Level Up Automation has attained many impressive goals, but according to Mallett, its chief accomplishment is the group of people that comprise it.

“I am most proud of our achievements building a strong team,” said Mallett. “We are considered trusted advisors in the ever-changing automation technology space.”

Mallett herself has contributed greatly to the field of automation.

“I have been invited to speak at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for the last two years about home automation and published in a number of trade magazines identified as an expert in technology automation for homes and small businesses,” she said.

Mallett’s vast experience in automation and installation makes her an excellent role model for aspiring LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.

“When in doubt of yourself, take action,” said Mallett when asked what advice she would give to budding entrepreneurs. “If you are scared, that is a good feeling.  Go for it.  If you don’t someone else will.”

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