LGBTQ and Having Trouble Sleeping?

Brought to you by the makers of TYLENOL® PM

Getting the right amount of sleep can be tough for everyone, but those in the LGBTQ community may be even more prone to sleeplessness. In this post, we examine some of the reasons why and suggest a few tips to help combat sleep issues that you may experience from time to time.

First, living in urban areas that are noisy and frenetic can inhibit regular sleep patterns. While being busy can certainly tire one out, a few too many late nights can create a ripple effect that makes it hard to keep a routine sleep schedule. Also, for those of us who travel frequently, different time zones, excessive coffee to make it through the journey, body aches from cramped planes, trains and automobiles, unfamiliar surroundings and other stressful situations can all be obstacles to a relaxing rest. Finally, as any parent knows, young children don’t always follow a strict sleep schedule
themselves, so for the increasing number of gays and lesbians raising children, a sleep schedule can be even harder to keep.
With all of these obstacles in the way of a good night’s sleep, how can you get a more restful night? The makers of Tylenol® PM have some tips to help you get the sleep you crave:
1. Physical activity can promote sleep, so exercise is key — but not within a few hours of bedtime.
2. Pets can disturb a good night’s sleep, so as much as you may want Fido to sleep at your feet, get him his own bed.
3. Drinking coffee with or after dinner? Your caffeine routine could be keeping you up at night, so limit your caffeine intake and see if that makes a difference.
4. Finally, people replace their cars more often than their mattresses – meaning it could be time to replace your mattress.
Follow these basic sleep tips and you could be on your way to sweet dreams. In addition, if pain is keeping you awake at night, you can also consider TYLENOL® PM, which relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. Use as directed. Sleep tight!

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