NGLCC Affirmed the Business Case for Civil Unions in Italy— and It Worked!

Exactly a month after NGLCC President & Co-Founder Justin Nelson penned an op-ed explaining how gay and lesbian civil unions are essential for Italy’s economy, the Italian Senate voted in favor of progress— an outcome that Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi hailed as “historic.”  Once again, the NGLCC’s primary global philosophy proved true: equality is good for business and will be essential in bringing one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies into alignment with other progressive nations on the continent.
Over 95% of the world’s consumers and businesses lay outside the borders of the United States, and the American LGBTI business community has both a vested fiscal and humanitarian interest in supporting the recognition of LGBT equality & opportunity for communities throughout the world.
Economic visibility, just like social visibility, is essential in building a diverse and inclusive society. NGLCC & NGLCC Global now calls upon leaders in Italy to follow the precedent set by other European nations to further support the dignity of their LGBTI citizens. Additional lawyers of parity in Italy, including full marriage and adoption rights – are essential to ensuring a climate where European families and their businesses can thrive.
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