NGLCC Decries Texas’ Anti-LGBT “Women’s Privacy Act” as an Affront to Civil Rights & Destructive to the Texas Economy

Washington, DC – The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), the business voice of the global LGBT community — along with our local affiliates the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce, North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce, and San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce– stands with our corporate partners and local business leaders in anger that Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and the Texas legislature has introduced one of the most broadly discriminatory anti-transgender pieces of legislation yet proposed in America. NGLCC demands the Texas Senate block this bill and Governor Greg Abbott veto this bill as a matter of moral and economic imperative for the citizens of Texas. The Texas Association of Business (TAB) reported that a “bathroom bill” could cost the state up to $8.5 billion. 
“It’s morally unacceptable that hardworking, tax-paying LGBT Texans, should be denied basic civil rights to public accommodations—now with the full support of their elected representatives. 2016 was the deadliest year on record for America’s increasingly vulnerable transgender community, and it is unconscionable that Texas would start the new year by attempting to codify hate against this community into their state laws,” said NGLCC Co-Founder & President Justin Nelson.  “This bill falsely claims its purpose is to “stop sexual predators from taking advantage,” of women in bathrooms despite no such incidents being substantiated in Texas, or elsewhere in America. Every Texan deserves to live and work in a place that values and respects all people. There will be a major impact on the Texas economy as major corporations and small enterprises take their businesses to states where all are welcome. NGLCC and its ever-growing network of corporate partners, local chambers and small businesses consistently assert the economic benefits of non-discrimination and aggressively push back against these heinous laws that further marginalize people.”
“NGLCC will never stop asserting pressure in partnership with our Fortune 500 allies and the estimated 1.4 million businesses in this nation that are owned by LGBT people to defeat any law that sanctions discrimination such as SB6 in Texas,” said NGLCC Co-Founder & CEO Chance Mitchell. “These shameful laws erode away at our vibrant and inclusive economy as they force LGBT citizens to look over their shoulder in fear, rather than ahead in hopes for a better future. We call on Governor Abbott, and all legislators nationwide considering such bills, to remember that their economy succeeds only when there is a fully engaged and protected citizenry, workforce and supply chain, free from fear and discrimination.” 
NGLCC previously organized support and calls for actions by the corporate sector and LGBT owned businesses in reaction to similar so-called “bathroom bills” and “religious freedom” laws in North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, and more. 
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The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is the business voice of the LGBT community and is the largest global not-for-profit advocacy organization specifically dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people. NGLCC is the exclusive certification body for LGBT-owned businesses. | @NGLCC
Jonathan Lovitz
Senior Vice President
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce



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