Nuttin Ordinary: Certifiably Delicious

Like many of our NGLCC Certified LGBTBE® suppliers, Nuttin Ordinary has transformed their own personal experience to create a product that positively impacts the lives of their customers. Nuttin Ordinary is a husband-husband owned and operated company founded on the idea of creating clean, simple ingredient-based foods that provide nutritional value and taste great.

“We are the first 100% plant-based cheese manufacturer in New England and are proud of it,” explained co-founder Adam Hamilton. “We use a proprietary probiotic blend and production process to culture our cheese, achieving the taste and consistency our customers know and love.”

Since starting the business, owners Adam Hamilton and Joshua Velasquez have grown their business from a 750 square foot kitchen in Josh’s parents’ basement. First selling their product at farmer’s markets, they have expanded to an 8,000 square foot commercial space and sales in large retail stores.

“The idea was a hit- only 6 months into launch,” said Hamilton. “Nuttin Ordinary was on the shelves in Whole Foods, reaching customers who share our belief that plant-based options should both taste great and have nutritional value – none of those nonsense fillers, thickeners, gums, and starches.”

Today, Nuttin Ordinary products can be found in multiple grocery store locations including Whole Foods, Wegmans, Market Basket and Amazon. Check out their store finder to see where you can pick up their delicious products, which include four flavors  of cashew cheese (Plain, Spicy, Italian Herb, and Cracked Pepper), as well as their frozen ravioli filled with cashew cheese.

Nuttin Ordinary has made sure to give back to those in need over the last several months.

“Our success has allowed us to give back to our communities, donating product to food insecurity causes as well as front-line workers,” Hamilton said.

From their business success and recently joining the NGLCC, we asked Josh and Adam what advice they would give to LGBT business owners starting their own business.

“Network, network, network, and do it genuinely, we are firm believers that the universe conspires to help you achieve your goals when you genuinely connect with other people,” they explained. “Additionally, pay-it-forward.”


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By Jada Watson


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