Proximo: Paving the Way in STEM

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is the business voice of the LGBT community, as well as the only national advocacy organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunities for the LGBT business community. Our Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) suppliers are responsible for generating over $1.7 trillion in economic impact, creating new jobs, and innovating business solutions nationwide. Many of these innovations take the form of data solutions, integration, and analytics. That’s where Certified LGBTBE® suppliers like Proximo continue to lead.

Founded by David Ricciardi in 1997, Proximo is an information services company specializing primarily in “Big Data.” Proximo works to provide its clients with novel data solutions that help them to understand and contribute to their bottom line.

“We work with both your internal data as well as information from third parties to provide actionable Intelligent Information,” explained Ricciardi. “Our emphasis on predictive analytics allows us to uncover not only what has happened in a given situation, but help determine what will happen in the future.”

After 24 successful years in business, Proximo has been able to adapt and grow throughout multiple challenging situations, including the pandemic and several recessions, to continue delivering valuable solutions to clients and growing revenue. Proximo prides itself on its versatility – that is, the ability to work with any kind of data, ranging from raw data capture to executive information, to answer questions its clients might have.

“As we like to say, when you have a question that no one has been able to answer, that’s where we come in,” Ricciardi said. “We are unique – the only commercialized genetic programming offering on the market.”

In the world of STEM, visibility is everything for LGBT business leaders. Ricciardi obtained LGBT certification through NGLCC for his company in 2009, and has witnessed a variety of doors and opportunities open up for him since. Proximo has since developed a supplier diversity-specific service offering that is available to clients. Ricciardi has also been an invaluable part of the nglccNY network in New York City, serving on its Executive Committee for nearly a decade.

“Not a lot of people think of the sciences and the LGBT community, but we are a very diverse group and I think this helps highlight that,” said Ricciardi. “We have engineers, technologies, analysts, researchers, and many others in our ranks.”

Ricciardi had valuable advice to offer for LGBT individuals looking to start their own business in the future, particularly emphasizing the need to be patient as well as getting LGBT certified.

“First off, people – the customer and your partners – value authenticity, so just be visible and yourself,” he explained. “Then build a reputation. Take your time, raise your visibility – meaning be a champion and volunteer – and good things will come in time.”

As a member of NGLCC, Diversity Alliance for Science, and NGLCC partner Disability:IN, Ricciardi also recommended finding organizations that can add value to the work that you do.

“Find the places where you can shine and that are right for you and your business,” he said.


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