SEAATS: Dynamic Furniture Solutions

Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) suppliers represent a wide range of companies that impact a wide range of people. They might have brewed your morning cup of coffee, designed the building your office is located in, or even selected the chair you’re sitting in right now! That’s where Certified LGBTBE® SEAATS Furniture Solutions comes in for businesses and spaces across America. Founded and certified in 2014, SEAATS is a full-service commercial furnishings company based out of Chicago, Illinois.

“Birthed under the same roof as an existing architectural design firm, SEAATS offers fully encompassing furniture solutions that are easily embedded within the traditional construction process,” explained Dan Earles, the founder of SEAATS. “The ability to showcase a growing number of furniture manufacturers, currently over 130 different brands, allows for unique design solutions that result in highly functional spaces curated specifically to each client’s vision.”

Before SEAATS was created, Earles had already founded and was operating as the principal of Earles Architects and Associates, another Certified LGBTBE®. With decades of experience in the field of architectural design under his belt, he laid a strong foundation for a successful furnishing enterprise.

“Through SEAATS, clients receive a personalized and resourceful approach to selecting furniture,” Earles said. “A small, dedicated team ensures complete customer satisfaction by relying on transparent communication processes and competitive pricing strategies.”

When asked about the business achievement he was most proud of, Earles cited SEAATS’ recent feature on Office Snapshots following the completion of a furniture package for Akuna Capital.

“Sprawling across 28,500 square feet of the historic Chicago CNA Tower, the SEAATS team provided key pieces for a variety of areas, including a town hall, various meeting and collaboration spaces, sleeping and living quarters, and private offices,” explained Earles. “The ability to mix furniture lines from a list of over 130 manufacturers enabled SEAATS to create an atmosphere best suited for Akuna Capital’s corporate culture.”

Like many successful Certified LGBTBE® suppliers in the NGLCC network, the SEAATS team has strong goals set for the next decade. They plan to be recognized as one of the top commercial furniture dealers in the Chicagoland area, as well as continuing to add new members and levels of leadership to their team. SEAATS also aspires to become a preferred partner with other diverse businesses, both as a dealer and client.

“We look to be a leader in the LGBT business community, providing partnership and support in the community,” Earles expressed. “We will continue to ensure our clients of who we are as a business and as people.”

SEAATS CFO Bill Rossi had excellent advice to offer to budding entrepreneurs.

“The thing most successful people have in common is their ambition, unwavering optimism, and ability to pivot when needed,” Rossi said. “The virtual CFO of ten different companies breaks down his success into five core principles. These values are outlined as staying humble, growing relationships with value, unearthing team champions, abolishing any fear of failure, and always remaining flexible.”

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