Shop Small and LGBT for the Holidays!

Holiday season is officially upon us! Snow is falling (at least, in some states), festive lights string the trees, and cheery music plays in nearly every coffee shop and department store across the country. After over a year of not being able to see friends and family for the holidays, this month serves as a perfect time to reunite with the ones that we love most. So what’s at the top of our checklist before the holidays are officially in full swing? Buying the perfect gift!

This holiday season, shopping small and LGBT for your gifts is more important than ever. Small, minority-owned businesses were hit extremely hard by the pandemic, with some being forced to close their doors for good. The good news about the LGBT business community? We stick together through thick and thin.

As LGBT business owners continue to endure challenges brought on by the pandemic, the best gift you can give to them this holiday season is by putting your hard-earned dollars towards the LGBT business community. NGLCC’s Certified LGBTBE® businesses boast a wide array of unique and special gifts for each member of your family this year! From funky swimwear to artisan candles to Pride in a Box, there is no shortage of high quality and imaginative presents to be purchased from LGBT suppliers. Certified LGBTBE® business owners are keeping our community in mind this holiday season, too. Luxury fragrance company The Bubble Collection is offering a 15% discount with code “NGLCC” this holiday season!

But there are many, many more gift options like these to explore from LGBT-owned businesses.  Be sure to check your local NGLCC affiliate for deals that support small, neighborhood LGBT-owned and supportive businesses. And remember to keep an eye out for the NGLCC Certified LGBTBE® logo this holiday season as you continue to shop for gifts!

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