Supplier in the Spotlight: Women Builders Group

Establishing a clean and safe workspace is the first step to creating an environment where your employees can do their best work. Endia Dickerson and Nastashia Matos started Women Builders Group to provide custom and comprehensive cleaning services, both in commercial spaces and on construction sites, and their clients include dozens of businesses in the DC metro area, including the NGLCC headquarters! 

Women Builders Group In The Spotlight:

  • Name of business: Women Builders Group
  • Name of founders: Endia Dickerson and Nastashia Matos
  • Date founded:  2013
  • Date certified: 2015
  • Location of business: Washington, DC
  • Number of employees: 25-30

1. What is Women Builders Group?

Women Builders Group (WBG) is a janitorial and construction cleaning company that provides a variety of services to its clients. On the commercial cleaning side, we offer office, commercial and janitorial services, including carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing, and move-in/out apartment cleaning. WBG’s construction cleaning services are also available for both residential and commercial properties.

2. How did you get your concept or idea for your business?

Growing up, Endia had worked part-time with her uncle doing various cleaning jobs, including construction cleaning. Inspired by her experience, Endia used her practical knowledge and familiarity with the business to begin laying the foundation of her own company. After meeting Nastashia, who advised Endia as she finalized her business plan, WBG was created.

3. What is unique about your business?

Our motto is: “Do what you love. We clean.” Our company’s priority is making sure things get cleaned the right way so that our clients don’t have to worry and can do what they are there to do.

We also do not sub our work out to third parties. We’ve found that many of other cleaning businesses who do this underbid, but also under deliver. Managing our employees and clients directly allows us to not only exceed expectations but also give our clients individual attention. Our customers know and recognize us because we make a concerted effort to build a personal relationship with them.

4. What were you doing before you founded your business?

Both of us were working at a law firm – Nastashia as a paralegal and Endia at the front desk. After consulting on Endia’s business plan because of her knowledge of corporate law, Nastashia left her job at the law firm alongside Endia and joined her full time as a co-founder and business partner of WBG. Nastashia continued her legal studies and is currently in 3L law school.

5. What are your goals for your business in the next year? Next 5 years? Next 10 years?

We’d like to continue growing and expanding to new types of cleaning. A large part of why we’ve been successful so far is that we are willing to learn new methods of cleaning and upkeep so that we can enter new areas of the business. For example, we recently learned how to clean and care for different varieties of tennis courts (clay, grass, concrete, etc.) so that we could bring on a new client.

We’d also like to continue expanding in the office cleaning space and pick up more government contracts.

Further down the road, we’d like to start developing a stronger marketing presence and brand. Eventually, we’d like to shift into not only providing construction cleaning services but also basic construction services as well. 

6. How has being a member of the LGBT community impacted your business, if at all?

There are a surprising number of LGBT people in the construction industry, so we have been able to make connections that way in what is often a difficult community for newcomers (especially women) to navigate. 

7. How has being a Certified LGBTBE® through NGLCC impacted your business?

NGLCC has helped us make connections in the DMV area and earn a lot of contracts through our certification. Many of our clients as thrilled that we’re not only NGLCC certified, but on our way to becoming WBENC certified and WBE certified as well.

8. What advice would you give to an LGBT person starting a business?

Nastashia: Do your research on whatever industry you’re joining. Know your vendors and clients inside and out so you know their needs and how to address them.

Endia: Treat people how you’d like to be treated because it will get you a better outcome. Positivity is contagious, and creating a positive culture can make all the difference in developing your organization’s culture, learning something new or overcoming obstacles.

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