Sustainable Strategies PLLC: Innovation in the Sustainability Space

When it comes to fighting the battle against climate change, NGLCC Certified LGBTBE® suppliers are no strangers to the importance of sustainability. Sustainable Strategies PLLC is one certified business paving the way for companies to help identify and manage sustainable innovation.

“As educators, we create and deliver educational content and training materials on a variety of topics related to sustainability and health and wellness,” explained founder Nicole DeNamur.

DeNamur was a construction attorney and Affiliate Instructor at the University of Washington for more than a decade before launching Sustainable Strategies in January of 2020.

“What sets us apart is that I have more than a decade of experience as a lawyer,” she said. “This allows me to view and analyze sustainability issues through a legal lens. This also provides additional value to our audiences because we are able to weave many risk management themes into our strategies and educational content.”

Sustainable Strategies PLLC is just one of our certified businesses hoping to make a positive and lasting contribution in the sustainability space. Their method? Innovation!

“We need innovation in order to foster the type of change that is necessary to meaningfully move the needle with respect to climate change,” explained DeNamur. “This takes individuals and organizations who think differently. Our goals are to embed our company in more public work, partner with organizations who need support, and broadcast our educational content to a larger audience.”

Following those goals, DeNamur joined the NGLCC in July of this year in order to engage with the LGBT business community, grow her own business, and find support during this challenging time.

While starting a business in the beginning of a pandemic does not seem challenging already, Sustainable Strategies PLLC has been able to successfully pivot during this uncertain time.

“One of our pandemic pivots has been creating and building an online school, available through the courses link on our website,” DeNamur said.

For aspiring business owners Nicole also provided the NGLCC a few words of wisdom:

“Actively seek mentors and foster meaningful connections within your professional network and communities. We all need help at various times and mentors are on of the keys to success. Then pay it forward and mentor others.”

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By Maxine Turner


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