The House of Purpose: Putting Emotions to Work

Javier Santos, co-founder and CEO of The House of Purpose

Javier Santos, co-founder and CEO of The House of Purpose, is in the business of helping people. He and his team work to promote productivity and harness well-being in the workplace by using innovative processes that they label as “emotional technology.”

But Santos was not always the CEO of his own company. He grew up in Mexico, attended college in the US, and now works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Before he owned The House of Purpose, he worked as a sales and marketing executive in several countries for P&G and PepsiCo, and managed the Wine Business Unit for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

The House of Purpose “puts emotions to work,” Santos said. The company primarily concentrates on improving leadership skills, employee well-being, and conflict resolution to boost businesses.

“We design and deliver innovative training and coaching programs for emotional skills in English, French and Spanish for small and large, public and private organizations,” he said.

The House of Purpose is not your average consulting business. The company takes a psychological approach to their consulting, and brings in executive coaches, learning consultants, and mental health practitioners to help companies improve productivity and wellness at work. 

“We create lasting learning experiences to help people be more productive and happy at work,” said Santos.

The House of Purpose is designed to benefit individuals and teams of all sizes. Santos has worked with public and private corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions.



Santos takes pride in the lasting impression the House of Purpose leaves on the teams and individuals they work with. All programs are created under an inclusive framework that ensures all involved will benefit and succeed from the services.

Santos says that NGLCC has been an amazing resource to The House of Purpose.

“The certification has opened doors that I would not have been able to open on my own.
I have met with more than 50 corporate delegates and have obtained important information about how to do business in the United States,” he said.

The House of Purpose is also certified with the Canadian LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, the National Minority Supplier Development Council, and the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council.

Santos has accomplished many things throughout his life, but one of his most notable business achievements has been expanding his company to one worker to eight, and providing consulting services to the Canadian government.

When looking back on his process to where he is today, Santos had some advice to share.

“Be patient, believe in yourself, be curious, work hard, ask questions, try again, and again, and again,” he said.

We are inspired by businesses like The House of Purpose and entrepreneurs like Javier Santos. Our Certified LGBTBE® suppliers are the core of our organization, and remind us every day how important LGBT certification is!

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