Being a Consciously Inclusive Leader: NGLCC’s Takeaways

April 28 | By Kaela Roeder
Steve Yacovelli, known as the “Gay Leadership Dude,” offered his stellar leadership advice once again for the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Webinar Wednesday series on April 15, 2020.

Outlier Automation: Switching Gears to Produce Hand Sanitizer During Covid-19

April 23 | By Kaela Roeder
Certified LGBTBE® suppliers are changemakers in any context. Now, as the world faces down a pandemic, their drive and skill becomes more important and relevant than ever. Outlier Automaton LLC, which is in the process of obtaining its certification from NGLCC, is no exception. “Outlier Automation is an industrial automation integrator focused on software development for a variety of industries,” said co-founder Liz Brooks-Zak. 

The Cutting Edge Elite: Supplying Staffing & Hope When Needed Most

April 20 | By Sarah Jester
COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, putting many small businesses on pause. However, some of these businesses have been able to repurpose their missions and resources to contribute to significant relief efforts. Headquartered in New York City, Certified LGBTBE® The Cutting Edge Elite, Inc. (CEE) is doing just that!

NGLCC Corporate Partnership Growth Accelerates in 2020, Demonstrating Leadership in a Crisis

April 17 | By Jason Vita
The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce has continued to strengthen economic impact in light of the economic uncertainty spanning from the rise of COVID-19 around the globe by expanding on the number of corporations joining the chamber as corporate partners. The private sector has stepped up to the plate in light of the pandemic and has doubled down on supporting supplier diversity and D&I initiatives as business imperatives to stay strong together during this crisis. NGLCC has welcomed 11 new corporate partners in the first fiscal quarter of 2020.

Top 6 Leadership Competencies Every Leader Should Know and Grow: NGLCC’s Takeaways

April 16 | By Kaela Roeder
The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Webinar Wednesday began on April 8 with Dr. Steve Yacovelli, known as the “Gay Leadership Dude” and owner of TopDog Learning Group, LLC. Yacovelli presented “The Top 6 Leadership Competencies Every Leader Should Know and Grow,” which taught LGBT business leaders how to be the best they can be inside and outside the office.

Sleeves Up Productions: The Power of Telling LGBTQ+ Stories

April 14 | By Sarah Jester
Video is one of the most dynamic and effective methods used to engage individuals all over the globe. As technology becomes more and more improved and refined, the skills involved in mastering video production become all the more important. Certified LGBTBE® Sleeves Up Productions (SUP) is a growing voice in this field, defining itself with quality work and with a commitment to telling LGBTQ+ stories through video.

Diver Collective: Changing the Scope of Digital Strategizing

April 9 | By Sarah Jester
Today, the importance of knowing how to use technology to one’s advantage cannot be overstated. Especially as more and more businesses are converting to online work during the spread of COVID-19, digital media professionals become all the more valuable. That’s where Certified LGBTBE® Diver Collective comes in! Diver Collective is a full service digital strategy firm. Located in Brooklyn, it was founded and certified in 2019 by co-founders Cat Dawson and Gabriel DeFazio.

Republic Restoratives Distillery: From Spirits to Sanitizer in a Time of Need

April 1 | By Sarah Jester
As the spread of coronavirus increases, bottles of hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies have rapidly disappeared off the shelves of grocery stores and pharmacies in nearly every state. Thankfully, a local D.C. distillery has come up with an innovative solution to combat this problem. Certified LGBTBE® Republic Restoratives Distillery has begun making and packaging bottles of hand cleaner to be distributed for free to D.C.