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  • Sip & Pitch Friday – April

Sip & Pitch Friday – April

Sip & Pitch is a chance for LGBTQ+ business owners to informally present their business pitch to a panel of experts and fellow business owners for positive, constructive feedback and new ideas. Presenters are chosen and invited beforehand to pitch, but if you’d like to be considered to pitch in the future, please apply at this link: https://nglcc.formstack.com/forms/sipandpitchapplication

Following pitches, ALL members of the LGBTQ and allied business community in the NGLCC network are welcome to pour a drink of your choice, whether that is a seltzer water or an afternoon cocktail, and casually network with your fellow community members. Join the audience and cheer on our fantastic LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs! For more information, visit nglcc.org/sipandpitch. Questions? Contact education@nglcc.org.